Junior Senior

Move Your Feet

Director: Shynola
Year: 2003
Sometimes less is more and Junior Senior's "Move Your Feet" is a perfect example. Old school gamers will appreciate the 8-bit style and glorious 256 colors. Upon further research, this video was created entirely with Deluxe Paint. Now that's old school.
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YMCK - Magical 8bit Tour


Remind Me

Director: H5
Year: 2002
"Remind Me" makes really clever use of animated infographics to illustrate a typical day in the life of a woman working in London. There's so much packed into this video that you're likely to notice something new with each viewing.




Director: Adam Jones and Fred Stuhr
Year: 1993
Perhaps the creepiest animated video ever, "Sober" manages to create a dark, moody atmosphere and some very disturbing images with a small stop motion puppet. The "meat pipe" is particularly twisted and memorable.
See also: Tool - Prison Sex will give you more nightmares.

The White Stripes

Fell in Love with a Girl

Director: Michel Gondry
Year: 2002
Prolific director Michel Gondry brought a bunch of Lego blocks to the innovative "Fell in Love with a Girl" video. The stop motion animation was done completely by hand and took over 2 months to shoot. It also seems to have inspired a number of imaginative animated videos using other interesting objects.
See also: Maldroid - Heck No! (I'll Never Listen to Techno) uses Lite-Brite.
Fujiya & Miyagi - Ankle Injuries uses dice.