10. Sin City

Deadly, little Miho pulls off an anime-style attack and does some expert skull slicing with her swastika shuriken. (This scene is from the Recut Extended version.)

9. Blade II

Poor Priest turned into a Reaper, so cutting his head in half doesn't kill him. Seeing his eye moving in the remaining chunk of his head is pretty cool.

8. Commando

During the famous tool shed scene, henchman #19 gets scalped with a circular saw blade by the good Governor.

7. Kill Bill: Vol. 1

Ever wonder what Lucy Liu's brain looks like? Wonder no more. Beatrix Kiddo kindly removes the top of O-Ren's head in the final battle of Kill Bill: Vol. 1. Luckily, O-Ren is still able to expound on the fine quality of Hanzo swords before she croaks.

6. Ichi the Killer

Japanese shock (or schlock) master Takashi Miike would like us to believe that the small blade in Ichi's boot heel can slice a man completely in half. Believe it or not, the scene is completely over-the-top and ends with a hilarious thud.