Hard Boiled - tequila slammer

10. Tequila slammer is the most hardcore drink ever.

a. It's tequila.
b. You slam it down on the bar before you drink it.

Don't run out and try this at a bar for the first time because there's a good chance of the drink ending up all over the floor and you on the street.

Hard Boiled - lighter

9. Lighters are bulletproof.

That's lucky for Foxy, the police informant whose life was saved by this incredible Zippo. At point-blank range, the bullet only left a small dent on the lighter. (Let's not even get into how Tony was able to hit the lighter sitting in Foxy's pocket.)

Hard Boiled - Mad Dog

8. Do not mess with Mad Dog.

Hey Chuck Norris, Mad Dog is the real ultimate badass. Not only is he a brutal unstoppable killing machine, but we find out that Mad Dog has a code of honor. Here he is absolutely beating the crap out of both Tequila and Tony with only one eye:

Hard Boiled - guns

7. Handguns tend to spill out of the darnedest places.

Like in books at the library or in bird cages at the teahouse. So be careful where you step.

Hard Boiled - SWAT ninjas

6. SWAT ninjas are useless.

These jokers looked really cool and you expected them to bring the thunder. All they ended up doing was saving a few babies and getting mowed down by the Triads.