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Dungeons & Dragons Cartoon Cosplay

Dungeons & Dragons cosplay

Thank God for the internets. How else could you see Dungeons & Dragons cosplay from Spain? Diana's blackface is totally unnecessary, but I do like the fact that Bobby is a girl. Plus Hank the Ranger looks like Kurt Cobain with a perm.

Dungeons & Dragons cosplay

Surprisingly, the group doesn't have a creepy little Dungeon Master guy.


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  • you look like a group of radioactive fagots. god dam i hope to god that some day you realize your man junk is not just for stuffing gym socks like a pack of rampant retards.

    Posted by got laid at 01/18/11 6:28 PM
  • Hey got laid....Learn how to read (it's a group from Spain, not the poster of the picture) and learn how to spell, idiot.

    Posted by Cmdrkoenig67 at 01/29/12 8:50 PM

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