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Review: 300

Screaming Spartans (out of 4)

300 - cliff

300 was a grand spectacle of carnage, brutality, dismemberments, mutants, and mayhem. In other words, it was incredible. The film was visually stunning with a surreal look perfect for bringing the graphic novel to life.

300 - shouting


Yelling basically replaces acting in 300 as I predicted. Not surprisingly, the dialogue is for the most part comic book-ish. The plot is simple and you'd better throw any notions of historical accuracy out the window. Taken as a highly stylized account of the Battle of Thermopylae, 300 is a very entertaining popcorn flick. In other words, I wouldn't read too deeply into symbolism here.

300 - Xerces


After all, they didn't wear armor and they were fighting mutants -- lots of mutants. In one of the funnier scenes, Xerces turns out to be 10 feet tall with an absurdly fake voice.

I saw 300 in IMAX and I highly recommend it. The movie is perfectly suited for the larger than life IMAX experience and looks amazing. Each blood splatter is magnified with the detail it deserves.

To sum it up:

300 - ogre mutant

300 - blade armed mutant

300 - more YELLING

...Mutants, ogre mutants, mutant ninjas, blade armed mutants, and lots and lots of yelling. What more could you ask for?


Comments (1)

  • Your review hits the core of this film directly on target. One part that was left out was the battle sequences were orchestrated like a stylishly muscular ballet carved out in several acts. The fight scene choreography was done to perfection making the close encounter fighting more intense and watch-able. One more thing... girls will like this movie too. :)

    Posted by Mr. Besilly at 03/13/07 11:45 AM

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