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Grand Theft Auto IV

Grand Theft Auto IV

"Perhaps here, things will be different."

The Grand Theft Auto IV trailer is here! This time the action moves to New York City, the GTA version, with a mysterious new main character. So far it looks amazing.

Grand Theft Auto IV

Times Square, GTA NYC

Pause the trailer and check out the city backgrounds to see all those trademark GTA jokes you know and love.


Comments (4)

  • Amazing?

    Looks "meh" just like every single other GTA.

    Posted by Goat at 03/30/07 10:22 AM
  • I am not playing a wetback. this game will fail.

    Posted by Nathiest at 04/01/07 8:53 PM
  • Enjoy your racist life d-bag.

    Posted by Goat at 04/02/07 11:46 AM
  • this game is gomma be king of all mother fucking games EVER!! and i all so think that about god of war 2 its awsome also rockstar games are best ga,mes makers ever i ,might work for rockstar leeds one day because its neer to manchester well its bit to far forn where i live also if u want to see the all the gory deaths in manhunt go to and tape in manhunt death and if u want to sea a trailer of manhunt 2 go to to see it p.s canis canem edit is brilliant to me i was the best ps2 game of 2006 ROCKSTAR GAMES YOU RULE!!!!!

    Posted by HITMAN of aNaRcHy at 04/15/07 3:41 PM

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