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New Transformers Movie Scene Pics

Transformers movie Optimus Prime

Optimus Prime

Transformers Exclusives

Finally, we get a big, clear shot of Optimus Prime in an actual scene.

Transformers movie Barricade

Barricade and Shia LaBeouf's lame reaction

Transformers movie Bonecrusher

Bonecrusher speed skating


Comments (87)

  • I am transformers biggest fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by eduardo at 04/11/07 4:50 PM
  • My greatest sympathy for the autobots, Jazz didn't make it....

    Posted by David at 07/16/07 5:56 PM
  • The Movie: SENSORY OVERLOAD! I don't think i blinked the entire time. Like a drug- gotta go see it again! ...okay, i teared up a little toward the end.

    Posted by thatgirl2 at 07/18/07 7:30 PM
  • what model is barricade

    Posted by joe at 07/21/07 1:20 AM
  • Man, that movie is just AWESOME! Its like a drug as thatgirl2 says, man im headin' back to the movies... Oh, yeah, Barricade is a Corvette Alleen '08, and its a cop. By the refferences, its says on its sides "To Punish And Enslave"... and not "To Serve And Protect" as the common cops.

    Posted by Spree at 07/21/07 10:56 AM
  • sick movie cant wait to buy the god dame movie i want to go to the movies again to watch it for my 5 time man it is asome god man i give it a 10 a 10 a 10

    Posted by billy at 07/21/07 10:04 PM
  • Barricade is a ford mustang, not a corvette, and it says "to punish and enslave..." cause that's barricades motto since the beginning of Transformers.
    Best movie I've ever seen. All the autobots were awesome, starscream was cool too ,especially how he took out the other F-22 raptors.

    Posted by pierce at 07/21/07 11:16 PM
  • es muy chido

    Posted by mauricio at 07/23/07 10:47 PM
  • This is such a great movie man!!! and barricade its no just a mustang, is a Saleen S281 E.

    Posted by Alex at 07/24/07 12:31 AM
  • transformers d best!!!

    Posted by xeekz00 at 07/24/07 3:34 AM
  • I just saw the Movie today and it was completly awsome, a big eye opener makes you wonder if there is anyone else out there apart from us humans on earth...
    I couldn't believe my ears when I heard that they made transformers into a movie! They did a really good job!
    10 out of 10!

    Posted by Caz at 07/26/07 5:35 PM
  • I,cant belive it the director can make this movie so real, i've seen this movie over 10 times, my brain can't stop thinking of how optimus prime speak like in front of me. The camaro it's a really awesome for bumblebee. Thanks Michael bay, I'll be waiting for the sequel. It was just began.....

    Posted by Anthony at 07/27/07 12:59 AM
  • i think its racist cuz jazz (the black man) dided first

    Posted by ballin at 07/28/07 9:08 PM
  • The only bad thing about the film is that they changed HotRod's name to Bumblebee, but they changed the film alot since the cartoon film and watching that one now it sucks, and yeh that was awsome by starscreen, optimus prime was awsome and the 2 main girls were fit ;)

    Posted by Crocky at 07/31/07 10:43 AM
  • I hope theres a sequal, becuase at the end prime says were here waiting ;)

    Posted by Crocky at 07/31/07 10:44 AM
  • dude if ur gonna comment on wat barricade is aleast get it rite TRANSFORMERS is the greatest movie ever

    Posted by Sean at 08/01/07 6:01 AM
  • Crocky I think you mean Hot Shot oh and Bumble Bee is different than hotshot, he origianally was a VW beatle but was now changed to a Camero to make sure no one thought of the "love bug" as a killing machine and also he would have been smaller than the others too.

    They have already planned a second and maybe 3rd film to follow!

    Posted by The Console King at 08/03/07 7:58 AM
  • omfg transformers is the best film..EVER!!! gta say..i like Optimus Prime the most..totally luv rules!

    Posted by amii at 08/03/07 4:17 PM


    Posted by Transformer Fan at 08/05/07 4:58 AM
  • fenzy was proper funny
    and how come jazz was the smallst and he had to take on megatron its not fair its all wase the small ones who die

    Posted by luke at 08/05/07 1:05 PM
  • Decepticons rule

    Posted by Anu at 08/05/07 11:45 PM
  • thats cz jazz was second in command

    Posted by Anu at 08/05/07 11:47 PM
  • who killed the most deceptecons?

    Posted by john at 08/10/07 3:35 AM
  • Thank God I found you guys! IMDB are taking the piss out of the movie! It's been driving me crazy! IT WAS SO FREAKIN GOOD!!! I've only seen it 3 times though. :D I wan't to see it again and again and again! Optimus killed the most. They deleted a scene where he kills Barricade aswell. Did you notice Barricade wasn't in the last scenes even though he was on the highway? I can't wait for the DVD deleted scenes! But the cinema experience makes it the BEST movie I've ever seen! Huge fan of generation 1 series too. :D

    Posted by Eoin at 08/10/07 11:05 AM
  • Transformers ist the beste film the world

    Posted by fliezy01 at 08/10/07 12:41 PM
  • bumble bee kiled most decepticans and the movie was f***in awesome

    Posted by ben at 08/13/07 6:41 AM
  • Theres gonna be another 1 coz starscream didnt die and soz optimus did kill the most and i stand corrected it was freakin awesome

    Posted by ben at 08/13/07 6:49 AM
  • this movie was tite

    Posted by alan at 08/15/07 8:50 PM
  • did u guys know there is going to be transformers part 2 cuz star stream never fight he was sitting in the building and watching the fight of decepticon vs autobot and in the last he flew away and thats y i think there is going to be part 2

    Posted by alan at 08/15/07 8:54 PM
  • The movie was f....n great. My God!

    Posted by james at 08/17/07 2:22 AM
  • MOVIE was great i saw it twice and cant wait for DVD to come out on release and barricade is a ford mustang and corvette

    Posted by toothrowed4yall2k7 at 08/21/07 12:01 AM
  • it' transformes is very good...I'm the brazil.....this film for the brazil is very very sucess.....I'm love you transformes.. .my brother this toys complet
    I'm optimus prime...........

    Posted by joao at 08/24/07 3:06 PM
  • This movie is wonderful, TRANSFORMERS is the best film of the world.

    Posted by ALEJOKINDERCHAR at 08/28/07 12:57 AM

    Posted by Krayz Govena at 08/29/07 8:30 AM
  • read this people

    and Transformers rules all movies, Bumblebee Rules All.

    Posted by marcus at 08/30/07 4:39 PM
  • Wow. the deterioration of the Transformers line comes to this.

    There is so much TF ignorance, and stupidity, It makes me wanna cry.

    Any idiot can pay 100 million dollars and max out the Cgi.

    And it seems pretty effects are all it takes to wow you suckers into loving this crap, and outta all yer damn money..

    hahaha. Ignorance really is bliss.

    Posted by TimeCard at 09/12/07 12:00 AM
  • Tbh, i do agree with TimeCard. This movie could of been so much better. Anyone who watched the cartoon as they were growing up in late 80's/early 90's will be dissapointed with this. Just doesn't live up to it, hopefully the sequal will be much better and not have idiot american soldiers running around thinking they're heroes. That 1 stunt where the soldier dived off the bike and shot Starscream really was lame. Apart from that, Optimus Prime was awesome and has always been my favourite Transformer.

    p.s. Barricade is a 2006 Shelby Mustang, the model was based on the 1969 shelby. 1 hell of an automobile.

    Posted by Les Battersby at 09/27/07 5:35 PM
  • Transformers was full of propaganda messages,And whit a heavy racist undertone toward African Americans and Mexicans.whit all the racist stereotype's.Scripe ruined it!

    Posted by Supercharger at 10/26/07 7:01 PM
  • that is the best fuking movie in the world cant w8 till number 2 comes out

    Posted by lefint at 11/08/07 10:52 PM
  • okay, for starters, starscream couldn't die in the movie if they kill off megatron cause there wouldn't be a story anymore. megatron, leader of deceptions, and starscream, the only one with the balls to try and overthrow megatron. And if the scene were barricade supposibly died was deleted, then it never happened. Remeber that is the comic books, the deceptions weren't loyal, not even to there own guys, so just cause you saw barricade on the road with the others doesn't mean his nosedived into the battle with the rest. My fav part of the movie is when optimus prime killed bonecrusher, i just wished they would of made prime use his sword more. And btw, jazz wasn't the first to die in the movie, maybe the first autobot, but think of the irony of that. Megatron killed prime's second in command, it showed megatron's superiority over the other autobots and deceptions, not including prime. megatron was a beast in that movie, if it wasn't for the sam prime would of been toast.

    Posted by Louis Jones at 11/14/07 12:31 AM
  • also, comic book say that starscream had his own squadron. If that is the case I'm thinking starscream will be back and you will see this squadron, all with other decptions and autobots. But i think the main focus will be what happens when starscream is in command with his squadron, and also barricade still in the mix

    Posted by Louis Jones at 11/14/07 12:35 AM
  • oh, and, i also found it stupid to change brawl's name to devastator. I mean, don't get me wrong, devastator sounds better than brawl, but brawl is the original name, stick to it.

    Posted by Louis Jones at 11/14/07 12:43 AM

    Posted by Charlie at 11/15/07 9:10 PM

    Posted by Charlie at 11/15/07 9:11 PM
  • Optimus Prime was a true leader & jazz a hero tat both always stay in my mind from cartoon til movie.

    Posted by steve at 11/22/07 1:12 PM
  • this is my penis

    Posted by chris at 11/30/07 8:40 PM
  • Man this movie kicks Ass and Bonecrusher VS Bumblebee would be so frekin awsome because theres no telling who would win that battle and man my bf says that Bumblebee would win that battle!!!!!!!

    Posted by Hayley at 12/11/07 3:01 PM
  • to chris....

    if thats the way your penis is then call me at 503 548 8888

    Posted by sexy mother of sexxxx at 12/20/07 3:05 PM
  • i think that transformers was the best film i have ever seen before .there is going to be a transformers 2 because the writer wrote on his blog thats he has planned a new transformers i hope he does coz i fink starscream and all of the decepticons are ace and bumblebee is crap and so is jazz and im glad magatron ripped jazz into to !!

    Posted by jacob.f at 12/31/07 1:55 PM
  • You guys are right, that movie was THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i can't stop thinking of it!!

    Posted by Veran at 01/05/08 7:27 PM
  • TRANSFORMERS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 :)

    Posted by Veran at 01/05/08 7:27 PM
  • I love that movie, i pretty much watch it twice every week!! I cant wait till the second one! Oh did u know that their make a second one?! email me and i'll tell u about it... P.S. ITS AWSOME!!

    Posted by Veran at 01/31/08 9:41 PM
  • the movie was AWSOME cant blive how great it was, ironhide,starscram,and bonecrusher were the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by Zach at 02/19/08 6:06 PM
  • I´m one of the biggest fans of transformers!!it was the best movie that i ever see!!i see it everyday........

    Posted by Victoria at 03/19/08 7:31 AM
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    Posted by gtbtbguhrhtr at 03/30/08 2:21 PM
  • hi everyone.

    You obviously luuurve the movie as much as i do. I have made a new website and need some people to look at it and maybe even co-run it with me. email is on the site.


    by the way it's sad jazz died they could have made it a bit of a fight not just megatron rips him in 2

    Posted by polf at 04/08/08 12:21 AM
  • awsome movie i took a quiz and im most like jazz and he dies :(.i herd that there is a 2009 movie comin out all the caricters r on my myspace

    Posted by mikel at 06/20/08 2:03 PM
  • TRANSFORMERSis the best movie in the whl world and my favourite character was optimus prime and barricade and I like the jazz vehicel porsche

    Posted by brian at 07/08/08 12:49 AM
  • oh man transformers is the best movie in the whole world and my favorite character was optimus prime and barricade and I also like the jazz vehicle Pontiac solstice

    Posted by brian at 07/09/08 1:18 AM
  • cool stuff,its hard to imagine that a child hood comic like this can be animated and then produced into a movie, great stuff

    Posted by jamil at 07/18/08 5:00 AM
  • One thing to say;

    Nothing beats it.
    At all.


    Posted by Jaffy. :] at 07/20/08 11:38 AM
  • transformers rule barbie drools

    did you know they are making transformers 2

    Posted by sam at 08/06/08 2:38 AM
  • this movie is the greatest movie i ever seen!!!i hope that there will be a continuation of the story....

    Posted by draz at 11/08/08 7:29 AM
  • F***n great movie all robots looks so realistic and by the way soldiers in the qatar didnt killed scorponoc

    Posted by Rusk at 12/06/08 2:33 PM

    Posted by Chericka Yvette at 01/05/09 12:55 AM
  • hey chris u like to talk about your penis your girl told my that its really small. and is true u suck on penis 4 a candy bar

    Posted by jay at 01/31/09 9:26 PM
  • chris u like 2 talk about penis it must be true its a pea shooter

    Posted by jay at 01/31/09 9:30 PM
  • did barricade ever die cause bmblebee hurt him in the beginin but he came back on the highway scene and nothing happened to him? wtf

    Posted by jon at 03/01/09 10:51 AM
  • did barricade ever die

    Posted by jon at 03/01/09 10:52 AM
  • i love it

    Posted by daniel at 03/03/09 1:43 PM
  • do guys know Megan fox right my cusins friend stepsister is Megan fox i know what happens in the new transformers if you want to see right me back on

    Posted by johnny angel washington at 06/08/09 2:40 PM
  • hey dipshit (pirce) barricade is NOT A MUSTANG

    Posted by tim at 06/20/09 12:57 PM
  • I just love that Barricade lives up to his brutal nature and the quote on his side, "to punish and enslave". I love how they sneak showing the quote in the movie. This movie was tops for me. There were a few things I thought could have been better but overall this was a great movie that exceeded all my expectations. I even thought the transformation sound byte was going to sound dumb if they decided to use it and not a more metallic sound...but it freakin' worked! The effin' thing worked! Really great movie and I can't wait to see ..."Revenge of the Fallen" on Wednesday! :-D

    Posted by Progamus at 06/21/09 1:34 AM
  • Transformer part one was trash! Bernie Mack's character used the word 'MAMMY' and Jazz was acting like a coon and they killed him quick. I guess that's what some of you whites like. To have the black characters act up so you can fill good about yourself.

    Posted by t at 06/22/09 2:53 AM
  • oh! my GOD.. super nice movie..even if im a girl,no. one fan parin aq ng transformer..hehehe.well,meron akong car na nagtatransform....palag!!!!???

    Posted by ms.a at 07/02/09 8:51 PM


    Posted by transformersrocks at 07/05/09 11:53 AM
  • exelent movie....very nice action movie....

    Posted by Amit vasava at 07/16/09 5:19 AM
  • I AM ONE OF THE BIGGIST TRANSFORMER FANS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by toni at 07/31/09 9:48 AM
  • i love transformers i know everything about it like there names everything

    Posted by tiffany at 08/15/09 10:34 AM
  • rannsformers is the best movie ever i've watched it about 8000000000 times

    Posted by max at 08/26/09 4:35 AM
  • you know there is going to be a sequel because at the very end at the movie after all the credits and everything u see starscream shoot of into space more than likely towards cybertron!!!

    Posted by tom at 10/26/09 12:14 PM
  • transforames e bom de mais se eu fose ser um transformes eu seria Otimus prianl

    Posted by David at 12/10/09 6:52 PM
  • in transfomers 2 optumus prime died but he fighted very well

    Posted by rohith at 01/21/10 5:05 AM
  • Im waiting when d second part wil come..

    Posted by Elsko at 04/23/10 1:04 PM
  • no yawl are all wrong

    Posted by jacob callaway at 06/02/10 8:44 AM
  • this is beast theres like gonna be another transformers movie cant wait 2 see it and give megan fox a break please shes goin throu enough as it is... plus shes totally hot and u all gotta agree there!!

    Posted by Nick at 06/09/10 12:18 PM
  • OMFG! I finally found some people who love Transformers as much as I do! Can't wait for the 3rd movie - Dark Of The Moon, and also in 2011 we got Dark Of The Moon The Game and War For Cybertron 2! Autobots! Transform and roll out!

    Posted by Jack at 02/26/11 4:22 PM

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