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The Top Ten Movie Head Slices

The Top Ten Movie Head Slices

The Top Ten Movie Head Slices

Recent movies like 300, Grindhouse, and Pathfinder got me thinking about extreme, over-the-top movie violence. I came to the realization that sometimes the usual dismemberments and decapitations get boring.

Check out these ten scenes of heads getting sliced, diced, and bisected in all kinds of creative ways. Gorehounds enjoy and let us know your favorites and what we missed. Warning: To those with delicate sensibilities, you will be offended and disgusted.

Here's 2 more bonus clips that didn't quite make the cut:

Sin City - Deadly, little Miho

Miho gets her practice in on big, bad Manute.

Blade II - Can you blush?

Blade tells Reinhardt to make like a banana and split.


Comments (58)

  • damn!

    Posted by Shoalinmonk at 04/17/07 8:09 PM
  • Awesome! But no Ghost Ship? That opening scene is OFF THE HOOK.

    Posted by Groover at 04/19/07 1:29 PM
  • Groover - my thoughts exactly. I totally expected the Ghost Ship scene to be on this list. That scene freaked me out big time.

    Posted by GrupGirl at 04/19/07 2:01 PM
  • Final Destination 2 should have been there too.

    Posted by Wyzeone at 04/19/07 2:16 PM
  • i was thinken slither myself.

    Posted by phynias at 04/19/07 2:22 PM
  • What about the ax to the head in American Psycho?

    Posted by Über at 04/19/07 2:42 PM
  • I think Ghost Ship should have been up there. For sure.

    Posted by egoHavoc at 04/19/07 3:08 PM
  • While you don't see the slicing in action, the dinner scene in HANNIBAL would have to rank on my list.

    Posted by mcpackman at 04/19/07 4:03 PM
  • The Headsplitting scene in shogun assasin is cool but it obviously didnt make the list.

    i features a samuraijs head splitting some seconds after the hit and blood spraying out from the head.

    the duel scene is also cool when a guy gets the head cut off and a gaiser of blood flyes in the air like forever (seriously like 20 seconds with gallons of blood flying in the air) extreemly overexagurated and hillarious.

    Posted by Apa at 04/19/07 4:40 PM
  • Aardig gek allemaal (pretty sick all of this). Mooie special effects (great special effects), bedankt(thnx). LOL

    Posted by Roelof at 04/19/07 4:43 PM
  • Awesome just awesome

    Posted by Jeremy at 04/19/07 5:10 PM
  • I think the scene in '300' where King Leonidas beheads the berserker is unquestionably the new 'Best Beheading in Cinema History'

    Posted by Howard at 04/19/07 5:25 PM
  • What, no Dawn of the Dead helicopter scene?
    That is the daddy of head slices.
    Shame on you.

    Posted by Alex at 04/19/07 5:30 PM
  • well, as anyone spotted the same mistake i did in the resident evil movie?

    there was a bag that was carried inside when the laser started.
    the bag was left by the first guy to drop dead halfway down the hall.
    the last laser (who killed the team leader) covered the whole area of the hall and is stopped a few inches before the door.
    (note the laser covers the whole area before it crossed the lying bodies)

    after the shutdown of the lasergrid, the rest of the team walks in, grabs the bag (that is still intact) and walk to the central computer.

    something is off here, you figure it out

    Posted by Onimo at 04/19/07 5:38 PM
  • Hannibal is by the far the best head splicing scene. Hannibal feeds Ray Liota's brain to RAY LIOTA! thats awesome! Re-do the list!

    Posted by Troy at 04/19/07 6:10 PM
  • ghost ship should definetly be on here

    Posted by j-ole at 04/19/07 6:15 PM
  • There are at least two more movies that should be included in this category but I can't think of them right off the top of my head.

    Posted by Jaws007 at 04/19/07 8:07 PM
  • I second "Dawn Of The Dead" as being the quintessential head slice. This list leaned too much toward newer movies. The original "Omen" featured an excellent decapitation, too.

    Posted by Mike at 04/19/07 9:33 PM
  • WAIT ONE SECOND!!!! What about Sally Boy from Cleaver!!!!! Easily one of the best head slices EVAR!!!

    Posted by BigPussy at 04/19/07 10:07 PM
  • they needed to include the half-heading from Wrong Turn. That one RAWKED!!!!

    Posted by klaus at 04/19/07 10:52 PM
  • nr 3 is the best imo

    Posted by Tim at 04/20/07 5:16 AM
  • Its not a head slice, exactly, but Beatrix Kiddo ripping out California Mountain Snake's last eye was really extreme. It was also voted one of the 10 best movie fight scenes ever made.

    Posted by CrackrJak at 04/20/07 7:56 AM
  • i must say it was funny to watch but the best slice scene is missing, the opening scene of Ghost ship tops all (like most of u mentionned alreaddy).

    Posted by -S- at 04/20/07 7:59 AM
  • zow vet

    Posted by d at 04/20/07 8:06 AM
  • Equilibrium, god I loved that film. So bad yet weird yet cool but cheap but realy good!! but so cult yet again. I can understand why Bale took that role. I'd forgot bout that face off slicer, nice 1!!

    Posted by Restlss at 04/20/07 1:09 PM
  • very nice

    Posted by Yakinta at 04/20/07 3:04 PM
  • echt ruig!

    Posted by rogier at 04/20/07 3:28 PM
  • Dears
    I ofer my mother-in-law for new experienceis. Free of charge. No taxs.

    Posted by Arthur Martins at 04/20/07 5:41 PM
  • Awesome stuff.

    Posted by Bubbablue at 04/20/07 7:59 PM
  • Where was scanners?
    Number 1 was so good that there was no blood on the blade, now that's fast.

    Posted by Jeff at 04/20/07 10:10 PM
  • ;lsdfksd;lkfl;;l!!!

    Posted by fkjdlkj at 04/20/07 10:50 PM
  • One word, SWEET!

    Posted by Craig at 04/21/07 1:24 AM
  • I think honorable mention should go to Hanibal's brain eating episode.

    Posted by Schvenn at 04/21/07 3:02 AM
  • How about some Let Them Die Slowly... surely there's extra points for cannibal brain feasting?

    Posted by Spike at 04/21/07 4:36 AM
  • Did anyone else think the Cube slicing was just ridiculous? Resident Evil is by far the best option from these. No last words, no stumbling around in shock. You get cut to pieces. You die.

    Posted by Puttnam at 04/21/07 6:23 AM
  • Wired.. I remember when ive watched cube. was hillarious

    nice topic

    Posted by leozao at 04/21/07 10:06 AM
  • Exagero pouco eh bobagem neh

    Posted by leandrew at 04/21/07 4:15 PM
  • Where's the classics Highlanders?

    Posted by Tatu Lemos at 04/22/07 12:10 AM
  • totally awsome! but i wanted to see the opening scene in ghost ship also

    Posted by dude at 04/22/07 6:17 AM
  • That was pretty cool

    Posted by Whiplash at 04/22/07 10:25 AM
  • Nice!

    Posted by Joost at 04/22/07 2:58 PM
  • I agree that Ghost Ship and Slither should have been on that list. Either way, awesome job.

    Posted by Diva at 04/22/07 5:59 PM
  • It would probably be one of the oldest on the list, but it's an awesome one nonetheless and certainly an inspiration for others on the list: "Deep Red." No slicing and dicing body mutilation list is complete without some Argento on there. And for those unfamiliar with the work of Dario Argento, he's the 70s Italian master of horror, and his movies are still some of the scariest and goriest movies around. Check out "Deep Red" and "Suspiria" to start and you'll be hooked.

    Posted by John at 04/26/07 10:23 AM
  • human cold cuts

    Posted by bizz at 04/26/07 1:54 PM
  • thirteen ghosts one was disgusting

    Posted by kev at 05/04/07 9:19 PM
  • I am in love with heads getting chopped the fuck up

    Posted by Oh word? at 05/06/07 3:39 PM
  • very nice

    Posted by Flashit at 05/07/07 7:07 PM
  • These are the best clips from my favorite movies. YES!!!

    Posted by Amelia at 05/07/07 8:11 PM
  • there good but there at least 1216 better scenes then those but the cube one was bad ass and should have been before resident evil

    Posted by zombie at 05/09/07 6:40 PM
  • AWSOME!!!!

    Posted by JD at 05/14/07 10:02 PM
  • Greatttttttt

    Posted by DOOM at 05/17/07 9:42 PM
  • ah yes, the governator

    Posted by dru at 06/02/07 2:46 AM
  • And Sleepy Hollow?

    Posted by Profetajonas at 06/13/07 11:05 AM
  • Cool, anyway you slice it!

    Posted by Pancho del Rancho at 06/14/07 5:54 PM
  • What about Highlander, Conan the Barbarian and Dracula (Coppola)?

    Posted by LadyCroft at 06/19/07 2:53 PM
  • best,best,best

    Posted by juan at 06/26/07 9:52 AM
  • Yeah. Those were pretty cool.
    But Ghost Ship does top them all.
    and ins't Sleepy Hollow all about beheadings?

    Posted by Chad at 07/09/07 1:28 AM
  • looks like rambo iv's gonna have a head slice too !!! down with borneo warlords!! or at least off with their heads.

    Posted by emel at 07/21/07 8:46 PM

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