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Kobayashi’s Reversal of Fortune

Kobayashi - reversal

This year's Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest ended in some controversy when Kobayashi appeared to have a "reversal of fortune", the competitive eating world's subtle way of saying blowing chunks.

According to the rules, a reversal is grounds for disqualification; however, the judges ruled only to give Kobayashi a penalty in his total hot dog count. So in the end, it wasn't the reported jaw arthritis that turned out to be Kobayashi's downfall.

Read on to see the Kobayashi's reversal replay in all its nasty slo-mo glory. Warning: not for the weak of stomach or if you just ate.


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  • i love making bombs

    Posted by ashkan at 03/05/09 7:09 AM
  • [...] Keep It Fun – Make your Independence Day feast into a competition a la Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest.  Challenge your brothers, sisters, cousins, and/or crazy aunts and uncles to try and take the title from you.  Nothing says family like competitions and eating. And reversals of fortune. [...]

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