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Spider-Man 3 Non-Spoilers

Lots of folks have been searching for Spider-Man 3 spoilers lately, but I think it'd be more fun to talk about some non-spoilers.

First, we supposedly have a clip of Venom in Spider-Man 3. I'll give you a moment to fully absorb what you're seeing...

Venom Spawn LOLz

Clearly it's all old footage and there's actually a scene spliced in from the crappy Spawn movie! "WormyT", you get an A for effort, but F+ for reaching into that steaming pile of a movie Spawn.

Next, we have a fan Photoshop job. (Click for original image.)

fan shopped poster

Wishful thinking, but no. Until we see otherwise, it's just a black version of the original movie suit.

Finally, there's about a million theories about the reflection in Spider-Man's eye. I've heard it could be Venom, Green Goblin, or Dick Cheney. Honestly, does this really tell you anything: (Click for original image.)

there's something in my eye!

People, it's a reflection of... *DUN DUN DUN* his arm. Let's leave it at that.


Another attempt at the symbiote suit: (Click for original image.)

fan symbiote

Who's next?
Who's next?


Comments (45)

  • why spider-man have a black suit

    Posted by ajith at 07/20/06 4:12 PM
  • because you're a fool.
    its the symbiote suite, do you know who Venom is? if not go slash your wrists

    Posted by Spiderman at 07/22/06 3:28 PM
  • I hear that they made spiderman 3 and 4 at the same time and that spiderman and venom will team up to beat carnage...

    Posted by Venom Fenom at 07/26/06 10:09 AM
  • that's what happens in the comic. but, it happens way way later in the whole epic storyline. i doubt that that's what happens in this film, though. and don't be such a dick, "spiderman." the person was speaking in broken english. you should get from that that there is a lack of edumacation somewhere in his or her life, and or that he or she was raised or is living in a foriegn country... where there might be a lack of spiderman "fanatics" such as yourself. you are a loser. shut up, you stupid stupid cunt. if anything, you are the one who should be slashing your wrists.

    Posted by santiago at 07/26/06 9:33 PM
  • carnage would kick venom and spidermans ass in real life its just the comic writers dont want spidey to lose

    Posted by adam at 07/28/06 2:36 PM
  • well you see the image of spiderman on there where he's perched on a rock, its the actual image but some one has changesd the spider logo on his chest to the one in the comic. you see i downloaded a wallpaper from the sony film website and they show the exact same iage just with differant logos on the chest, therfore that spiderman picture may not be as fake as you think.

    Posted by adam at 07/28/06 2:40 PM
  • i think the trailer is fantastic. looks really good better than the 1st better than the 2nd and hopefully the wont just end the spiderman movies like this.

    Posted by James at 07/30/06 6:38 PM
  • Im still waiting for a Darkhawk flik.

    Posted by KYGOTC at 07/31/06 10:15 PM
  • guys! spider man will fight sand man,venom and harry osborn but spidy and harry will team up to fight venom and sandman trust me venom will bite sandman and he will be poisond for life and end up sinking down a drain trust me i know the comics and read about the movie

    Posted by mr-spidy at 08/05/06 7:25 AM
  • hey maybes we should respect that there making a spidr man 3 movie they didnt have to but they will be angry your saying all this!

    Posted by ndnd at 08/05/06 7:44 AM
  • SM3 is going to be a hit, you lot should be rejoicing, and anticipating it, not sharing annoying insults like little kids about it.

    Posted by Luke Cage at 08/05/06 11:33 AM
  • oh man, I am so dressing up for the premier of spider-man 3

    oh and one thing that bugs me, its a bit offtopic, but has anyone else noticed how google thinks spider-man is spelt "spiderman" without the dash. . .its always bugged me. . .

    but yea, #3 is going to be a big hit, its going tro make A LOT of money

    Posted by Ash at 08/06/06 12:19 PM
  • This is going to be a good movie, I hope we get to see some good old fashioned spidy beat downs on Venom, and ya, for you guys who are wonderin, there will be Venom, Hobgoblin (harry Osborn) and Sandman, which should be totally awsome, cant wait.

    Posted by Extremely Rare at 08/08/06 12:51 AM
  • Yo i cant wait for sipderman 3 to come out it is going to be wicked-good man. I cant waite, I cant waite, I can't waite...sorry...I'm freaking out hear because I CAN'T WAIT!

    Posted by Kary Brown at 08/10/06 9:47 PM
  • Harry osborn is not the hobgoblin he is the green goblin a bloke named roderick kingsly is the hobgoblin :)
    Thought you ought to know

    Posted by cam at 08/14/06 1:38 PM
  • I really hope you dont get to excited everyone, sounds like Venom will only make an appearence right at the end of the film. Then we will have to wait another year for Spider-man 4 to come out. They would of released aleast one picture of venom by now if he was in it for the duration! I hope im wrong but i dont think i will be.

    Posted by Aaron at 08/15/06 8:03 AM
  • bla bla bla u guys r all going crazy over this movie. i think u should all cut ur wrists except for that santiago guy.

    Posted by driso at 08/16/06 9:46 AM
  • get fucked driso wat the fuck man are you retarded wats with slashing wrists the thing

    Posted by fuck at 08/17/06 10:54 PM
  • spider - man is a good movie.

    Posted by josé antonio at 08/19/06 2:35 PM
  • spiderman looks good in a black suit

    Posted by gonzalo at 08/21/06 8:39 PM
  • it nice picture of venom

    Posted by afif azhar.azam at 08/22/06 7:57 AM
  • it is nice picture venom

    Posted by afif azhar.azam at 08/22/06 7:58 AM
  • spiderman3

    Posted by giscard` at 08/26/06 9:55 PM
  • i saw the movie its stinks

    Posted by adamballack at 08/27/06 2:16 PM
  • hey i seen tha spiderman 3 movie already and guess what im gunna ruin it 4 u venom dies at the end of tha movie but it shows a glimpse of carnage oh yeah harry dies to and gwen stacey and mj is pregnat

    Posted by hollywood at 08/28/06 9:30 AM
  • Spider-Man 3 is sort of a cliff hange. Why? Cuz Venom will break away from Peter at the end, Harry (Green Goblin) and Peter will fight Sandman and Venom but Venom will kill Harry and Sandman will be created into regular sand for experimentation. Venom escapes with Carnage being unleashed. One more thing, there are not three villians but FOUR VILLIANS, sort of. Green Goblin is one villian, then Sandman, then Venom at the end of the movie, then Lizard will be released at the end too. Gwen Stacey might not die because she is part of Peter's three way luv life and Harry will die cuz said the guy who played Harry would no longer play in any more Spider-Man movies.

    Posted by dinozoid at 08/30/06 9:33 PM
  • you r all freakn retards!! the 4rth villian is gonna be norman osborn as the green goblin, because the serum he took allaows him 2 heal for almost any wound. the lizard wont apear until movie 4

    Posted by symbiote4 at 09/09/06 4:35 PM
  • oh yeah, hollywood sucks ass

    Posted by symbiote4 at 09/09/06 4:38 PM
  • spider man is the best movie

    Posted by ehab at 09/09/06 11:26 PM
  • hosseinyugioh farid cony ra card

    Posted by hossein at 09/17/06 3:59 AM
  • well frommy understanding venom will be in te movie but toby magurie cdeclared if there is a 4th movie which isun expected that he will not be in it and venom should be in thismovie because for the simple reason that there wont be a 4th movie and venomis an essential you have to put himin at least one spider-man movie

    Posted by nick at 10/03/06 3:52 AM
  • hello is there any way you can please send me pictures of spiderman and venom,

    Posted by Antoinette Meneses at 10/07/06 2:02 PM
  • i've heard alot about about sp3, and i know spider-man gets the black suit, but no one really knows how yet. its probably an alien, but how does peter get it? i have a thought maybe that MJ's ex sends it to her thinking its just a frozen rock he found on the moon during a recent space mission.Then maybe she brings it by peter's apartment thinking he might find it interesting and leaves it there while he quickly swings out to fight a new villian(sandman) later when he gets home and falls asleep, it defrosts and jumps on him. its pretty stupid but i have trouble thinking of any other explanation. the movie will still rock though. if any else has a theory or an idea, go ahead and post it.

    Posted by Ryan at 10/15/06 12:20 AM
  • i think that the whole changing the colour of the spidy suit is gay. they should have put the actual venom spider i along with the white bits on the hands, but nooo the suit designer wants to be a gay ass seriously who ever agrees with me give me a AMEN!!!

    Posted by symboite at 10/29/06 12:13 AM
  • i agree with the chap who posted on the 29th! i love that venom is in it n sandma looks great but the idea for spideys new costume is dumm! it hardly look diferant and will change the entire outfit for venom (coz we all no that eddie brok IS gonna get the symbiote!) .but then again i still think that toby maguire was a shit choice for parker aswell,i think the guy playing brock wud have been a great parker.aside from those few things i love the movies n cant wait for no.3!

    Posted by al at 11/12/06 3:32 PM
  • well i cant wait till spiderman 3 they should make a spider-man movie with Venom, Carnage and Rhino

    Posted by Spencer at 11/13/06 3:06 PM
  • I don't think Harry Osbourne will be killed if they do a 4th, I think he will be crippled isn't that what happens to green goblin in the comics? Look closely at the trailer Harry is being carried away in a special stretcher.

    Posted by Twm at 12/04/06 2:03 AM
  • they should make lizard already dr. connors has already been in no.2 and mentioned in no.1 and possibly as dr.connors again in no.3 but if they do make no.4 lizard deffinately should be in it

    Posted by pat at 01/05/07 3:40 AM
  • carnage isn't in spiderman 3. Venom is, Sandman is, and 2nd green goblin is. green goblin 2 (Harry) teams up with spidey at the end to fight Venom and Sandman, who have also teamed together.

    Posted by SWS at 03/02/07 11:53 PM
  • Why doesn't anyone like the new spiderman suit? I think it's way cooler than the dumb shit he wears in the comics. and have you seen Venom's new look? (the REAL new venom). It's awesome, thogh I know whiny assholes complain about it.

    Posted by SWS at 03/02/07 11:56 PM
  • Nice!

    Posted by Vaggelis at 08/12/07 12:06 AM
  • hey you guys sayin my movies dull and dumb?????Well then Ill banned you from here.kevin is gettin 8 backstage passes and 8 movie tickets to see spider-man 4 hes only one I read who likes our movie!!!

    Posted by Tobey Maguaier at 08/21/07 1:12 AM
  • S3 was a good movie... for ppl who know nothing about spiderman, BIG special effects and multiple bad guys...good CG - BUT!!!


    I think that I speak for all the true fans of spiderman when I say;


    By killing venom (after 15 min screentime), they lost allot of fans and trust in future movies...

    And TBH I think that he went out like a BIT*H!!!

    Topher Grace... OMG were to start... i did not like him playing as Eddie and Venom... he was to skiny, Eddie was always in good shape and had a big posture.
    They realy disapointed allot of true fans with the overall appearance of Venom!!!

    For Example; the voice of venom WTF was that about, it sounded nothing like venom just like the kid from the 70's show ~_~ 'sigh'

    All true fans know what Im talking about when I say: what about "We are Venom"(alien like voice)

    Anyway I can go on for hours....

    After I saw the movie I was went in a deep depression fol like 3 weeks... ~_~ but thats me...

    One more thing; dont expect Venom to return to the big screen very soon, they did not just kill venom but they destroyed the history of the marvel storyline. To repair this it wil take them like 15 to 20 years.

    Ok, I hope I made a point...

    Posted by Mo at 09/01/07 2:14 PM
  • i know seriously. venom isn't comming back because of freakin rami. i mean they just blew the fuck out of venom. i mean it was seperation pumpkin bomb into the symbiote and eddy trying to rebond at the last second and than BOOM!!!!!!! i mean rami did an amazing job on the first two and don't get me wrong i am a fan who reads the comics but this was just fucked up. especially sincevenom had like 15 minutes screen time. i would not have carred if venom got like 30 minutes of screen time and kicked spidey's ass for a while and did the whole screwing with peter thing but nooooooo. and i know if they had venom in for a half hour the movie would either be 4 and a half hours long or even gayer for not including spidey being dark and evilish and character background crap that really is essential but takes up 20 freakin minutes. so unless they make like some weird supernatural way of bringing venom back or a very clever way( which i hope to GOD they do)to bring him back i am really sad to say venom is gone. now don't hate me for sayin it but it is true and beleive me i am as big a venom fan as the next guy and am weeping about this buy=t it is true.although i did think of one very risky way to show his survival. ok so you all currently know spidey 3 is commin out on dvd in 2 weeks right. and know i am not bluufing you can even look it up. but what if there was a deleted scene that shows like the symbiote saved a portion of it self and eddy so it could rejoin with the other pieces of the symbiote that were still around. or if it just saved eddie so that last peive could bond to eddie to eventually grow back to full size. and this is possible because that thing doc conners had could take over as the main peice i mean saw how smallthe thing was when it first came i mean it was only a little bit bigger than the peice doc conners had. so just hope to GOD that or something like that happens because i would much rather see venom instead of carnage with the lizardin the possible spiderman 4.

    Posted by venomfan6 at 10/12/07 8:15 PM
  • not that i have anything against canage cause he is pretty cool too but venom is o so much better than his murderous psycopath son. and what i said does not meanthat carnage can't come back imean when or if eddy fully rebonds maybe he will leavs behind baby carnage to find cletus and reek havok with a possible spidey venom team up against carnage . or if the rumers about a venom spinoff are true than they could do my whole idea for that with moderations of corse to make it beleivable and a good story

    Posted by venomfan6 at 10/12/07 8:34 PM

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