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Spider-Man 3 Black Suit

the for real black suit promise

Finally, here's a real shot of the black suit in Spider-Man 3.



Comments (190)

  • im a littel ticked off that spidys alian symbiote costume is without the white spider over the chest, but i love this part of the spider-man series in the comic and i hope to love it in the movie!

    Posted by g-man at 07/16/06 2:13 PM
  • wooooooooooooooow
    i love all about spiders spaicle

    the movies for spider-man 1.2
    and now 3 it`s look so cool and advanture

    Posted by spider-girl.7 at 07/18/06 9:51 PM
  • I believe that is fake. Found this original. Unless they play out the same scene twice...

    Posted by JKH at 07/19/06 4:11 AM
  • I think this is going to be the best the spiderman ever i think its going to be bad ass

    Posted by jeffrey at 07/20/06 12:59 PM
  • i think its better whit a dark silver spider than whit a big white one... i just cant wait to go to the cinema and watch the movie

    Posted by gabrielv9 at 07/20/06 2:37 PM
  • man spiderman 3 is gonna be so good that the whole world will watch it four times the first week!!!
    but yea spiderman 3 is gonna be the best!!!

    Posted by mario at 07/20/06 11:24 PM
  • woooooow...i love spider man black suit i think this black suit is better than the red suit..i hope people will like this movie :)

    Posted by dina at 07/21/06 5:39 AM
  • i hate the fact the the new spider suit looks like the original execpt black, cous the one in the cartoon was an alian symbiote was like a goo with a mind of its own. an where is the big white logo? other than that the next movie is going to be off the hook i cant wait to see it.

    Posted by Jayden at 07/21/06 10:16 PM
  • This movie is gonna blow peoples minds!
    I hope ppl like it cause i know i will.

    Go Spidey!!!

    Posted by chowmit at 07/22/06 9:42 AM

    Posted by maria at 07/23/06 2:39 AM
  • forget about spiderman super and batman woulld kick spideys ass anyday. i hope the movie flops

    Posted by sam at 07/23/06 6:14 PM
  • that black suit is venom ive already heard by kristen dunst on the vh1 website and sandman will be in it i am very happy to spol all of your fun!!!!!!

    Posted by unknown at 07/24/06 9:06 PM
  • well if u compare the original suits and the new black one the black suit spider emblem a bit of a smaller version of the venom emblem

    original emblem

    venom emblem

    Posted by ed at 07/25/06 10:44 AM
  • This isn't real, the real black suit has crooked legs on the spider that curl in at 2 joints, and the spider itself is a little bit larger....another fake :(

    Posted by Spider-Fan at 07/26/06 1:30 PM
  • is this working?

    Posted by josh at 07/26/06 9:39 PM
  • Thats no fake. check out the official homepage!!! here´s a trailer. You will see spideys black outfit. and his outfit will be venom, later... if you would have read the spider-man comics, you would know that...

    Posted by Kamui at 07/27/06 7:12 PM
  • spiderman 3 looks really kool but no 1 knows if hes gonna be good or bad

    Posted by tyrone at 07/29/06 3:06 AM

    Posted by melissa at 07/29/06 3:34 PM
  • this movie is gonna be pretty good!!!! Spidy will always be one of my fave super heroes cause he is just plain cool!...i cannot wait for this movie to hit threathres!

    Posted by ani at 07/29/06 6:53 PM
  • i love uuuuu spidey is hotter ow

    Posted by spiderman at 07/30/06 2:17 PM
  • Tobey Maguire is a dick, and the guy they picked for venom is a stupid asshole loser....

    Posted by Jackie at 07/30/06 5:40 PM
  • Jackie, do you think you can make it better? i dont think so.

    kay, this film is gonna be be fantastic. spidey will have to fight himself. his inner spidey, a bad spidey... And he will have to fight against the sandman and venom later, too... an if you have seen the trailer, could you tell me, if there was the green goblin? i could swear i saw him. heres the trailer. check it out

    Posted by Kamui at 07/31/06 4:05 PM
  • this video is great

    Posted by donik at 08/01/06 5:10 AM
  • I like you really very much that all my friends call me spider man. Spider man3 i have not seen and i am tooooooooooo keen to see that..

    Posted by HaraS at 08/01/06 9:45 AM
  • of course teh green goblin comes back!!! but this time it's harry... and FYI in this movie there's no venom!!! it's just the sandman and the green goblin, the venom is spider-man, the black suit and that's all...

    Posted by A.B.Y.I.S at 08/01/06 6:31 PM
  • I KNOW that is one is a FAKE!!! I have one with Spider-man in is red and blue costume with the same background, same look on Peter's face, same place of the cut, and same cut. This pic was just edited to make it look like the black suit. I posted the link of the red & blue costume I was talking about ... see for yourself.

    Posted by Jeff at 08/01/06 8:48 PM
  • Spiderman sucks!

    Posted by Jesus at 08/02/06 6:48 PM
  • Spiderman can suck my nuts bitch!

    Posted by Buddah at 08/02/06 6:49 PM
  • ok some of u guys r idiots, the costume looks the same as the 1st and 2nd, because its the same costume, that got turned black

    Posted by spiderfan at 08/02/06 7:09 PM
  • thats right. an its no fake. i think ist was easier to use the same costume. and the "made" ist black. that would explain the last scene of the trailer where spidey watch the skyscrappers wall and sees himself in blue-red.

    and if you watch the trailer again, you will see a guy who say "parker..." THIS GUY will be VENOM you F'kin idiot!

    Posted by Kamui at 08/03/06 8:39 AM
  • this is totaly fake!! it actually shows him in his original suit but somebody must of messed with it to make it look black!

    Posted by Spider at 08/03/06 8:55 AM
  • this is so fake look at the spider man 2 promotion EXACT same photo but with a red suit

    Posted by awesome at 08/03/06 11:48 AM
  • this isnt fake they ruined the black suit idea and for all you idiots that think its fake watch the trailer and you ll see for your self !!!!

    P.S the symbiot will get you hahahaha

    Posted by the symbiot at 08/04/06 12:01 PM
  • the only thing diffrent is the spider symbol and the color

    P.S venom is here

    Posted by the symbiot at 08/04/06 12:02 PM
  • allright symbiont, my words!

    Posted by Kamui at 08/05/06 1:50 PM
  • Venom is gonna be in the movie, he's gonna be played by Topher Grace (Eric from that 70s show), but he might only appear towards the end. And the movies gonna kick aaaassssss!!!!!!

    Posted by ryo_teen at 08/05/06 7:09 PM
  • After seeing both the pics, one in the black and the other in the original, I can say that its like that because thats the point where the symbiote was taking over, and the suit turned into black... all I can say that is I am HELL excited about this movie since its got my second favourite Spidey villian Venom in it... and its about damn time too.

    Posted by Dante at 08/08/06 10:29 AM
  • Fucking Idiots...
    This is FAKE!!!
    Watch the Fucking Trailer... The real black suit has crooked legs on the spider...
    I can make somthing like this in Photoshop...

    SpiderMan The Best Movie!!

    We All Are Waiting for Spider Man 3 *drool*

    Posted by Spider at 08/08/06 4:10 PM
  • thats it guys, the colour has changed and the symbol. like in the trailer. or do you wanna tell me, the trailer and the official homepage are faked to??? du you believe now?

    Posted by Kamui at 08/08/06 4:12 PM
  • look guys it is official, the criminals in spiderman 3 are followed, symbiote spiderman(fights against the evil inside, just liek the comics) as well as that there is green goblin 2 (harry osbourne) there will also be the sandman which is highered by harry/green goblin to kill spiderman. finally there may yet be unconfirmed rhino involved in the space shuttle crash and aswell as that venom end the movie by eddie brock being transformed!! this is a fake pic above!! but its isnt fake that the symbiote is in the second movie

    Posted by James at 08/08/06 5:18 PM
  • That pictore is not forom "spider man 3" but it is from "spider man 2" with some spacial efects. Lol

    Posted by Error captore at 08/09/06 2:36 PM
  • thats a fake ass picture u can tell, that's the scene in spider man 2 when harry removes his mask

    Posted by Emack at 08/09/06 4:41 PM
  • omfg peter is soo hot now!! ahh

    Posted by denise at 08/11/06 1:03 AM
  • YOOO JOHN YOU ARE SUCH A ASSHOLE FUCK YOU DUDE YOU SUCK I MEAN HOW THE FUCK CAN YOU SAY FUCK MARVEL COMICS THAT'S SO STUPID I DON'T THINK ANY WAY I think this is going to be the best the spiderman ever i think its going to be bad ass

    Posted by METT at 08/14/06 7:52 PM
  • Fake. Any Spiderman fan knows the real suit would never be ripped and teared, the black suit regenerates.

    Posted by Jeremy at 08/14/06 8:40 PM
  • ohhhhoooooiiii...

    Posted by fienzo at 08/15/06 10:10 AM
  • omg. ok, maybe, its a fake. But you cant deny, that spideys custume ist black in part 3.

    Fact 1: spideys costume become black, cause the symbiont wants to absorb peter parker.

    Fact 2: Peter Parker will fell in love with Gwen Stacy ( blonde women, who is dancing with peter)

    Fact 3: Spiderman will have do fight against 4(!!!) Enemies. Venom, Green Goblin (or Hobgoblin), The Sandman, and a fameless enemy.

    Fact 4: the new movie will be the darkest, most sad and most melancholic spiderman part ever!

    and it will be dmn good i thing

    Posted by Kamui at 08/15/06 10:30 AM
  • *think*

    Posted by Kamui at 08/15/06 10:32 AM
  • i dont know about all of the people who think this movie is gonna blow well hell yea its gonna blow, blow peoples minds

    Posted by rickba at 08/15/06 3:57 PM
  • i what to see the movie spiderman3

    Posted by gordo at 08/15/06 4:32 PM
  • spiderman 3 is gonna be a sick movie!!!!!!!!!! the black suit is sick!!!!

    Posted by driso at 08/16/06 9:43 AM
  • OK, this is just plain wrong. I loved the first 2 Spider-man movies, but this is rediculous... The Spider-man symbiote suit I'm seeing here is terrible... It should be smooth and have the huge white spider on the chest and back like in the comics. It definately should not look exactly like his original suit with a different color scheme. I'm very disapointed by this and pray that Venom looks a Hell of a lot closer to what the comic book community expects to see. I understand Hollywood taking some creative liscence over their projects but this is a clasic they're messing with. I'm outraged.

    Posted by Ian at 08/17/06 3:09 AM
  • i hope there will be the green goblin and venom in the movie, it would be a massiv battle, wehen spidey, venom and the goblin fight eachother.

    Posted by Vraak at 08/17/06 4:13 PM
  • tht spidey picture is fake! their is 1 idenical to it in spiderman 2 but it the normal red n blue suit. there isnt 1 of him out yet thts frm the actual movie

    Posted by cameo at 08/18/06 2:28 PM
  • spider-man 3 looks awesome!! cant wait to see it! i just saw the trailer and couldnt believe how awesum it looked. Bryce Dallas looks identical to Gwen Stacy! and so does the sandman!!

    Posted by andy at 08/18/06 10:01 PM
  • hey guys, do you think, gwen will die in this movie? or in ther fourth one??? (remember, she was killed in a fight between spider-man and the green goblin)

    Posted by Kamui at 08/19/06 6:42 PM
  • with Spider-man1, the world swinged along: with spider-man2 world dared all evil & with the black spidey the world will ROCK

    Posted by harish at 08/21/06 12:08 PM
  • i think...that's fake

    Posted by gonzalo at 08/21/06 8:14 PM
  • that picture is so fake ,the real picture is from spiderman 2 ,but nice look,and...i love blink 182 and angels and airwaves

    Posted by gonzalo at 08/21/06 8:42 PM
  • Fake, the spider symbol is different form the one in the spiderman 3 site.

    Posted by Max Mouse at 08/23/06 2:11 PM
  • ohh my godness what a motherfucker

    Posted by sweet bitch at 08/23/06 5:55 PM
  • does anyone know when spider-man 3 is coming out?
    tell me on the shoutbox on

    Posted by laurence at 08/28/06 10:27 AM
  • This image is FAKE!!! And everyone who says it isn't go to this website, watch the trailer and pause it when the camera is scrolling up spider-man's chest. Then look at the image posted here. There are very obvious differences.

    Posted by Brendan at 08/28/06 11:40 PM
  • hi spider-man 3 will be soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo goog go spidey go

    Posted by spider-boy at 08/30/06 10:26 AM
  • this is going to be the shit i can't until spider-man 3 isgoing to tiseltown first in line babbe chaa me and my buddys

    Posted by joey at 08/31/06 4:42 PM
  • That pic of spidey is fake but the black suit exists in Spiderman 3 and its Symbiote Spiderman.

    The movie will come out 4th of may.. You can get a countdown widget from their site if you have yahoo installed...

    Posted by MrMad at 08/31/06 5:34 PM

    Here you can find the countdown widget

    Posted by MrMad at 08/31/06 5:34 PM
  • Oh btw.. if you have read the comics then you know that symbiote is a alien that wants to take over his host... But peter rejects it and it takes over a reporters body (Eric from the 70s Show i believe) and becomes Venom! After few years the reporter gets rid of venom and venom takes over another host and creating Carnage!

    Correct me if im wrong... been long time since ive read the comics! =)

    Posted by MrMad at 08/31/06 5:45 PM
  • Spiderman is the coolest of all the superhero's. eg look at batman whats his super power any way. Then we have superman thats just overkill! you know that it dosn't matter what happens to him he pretty much can't die(if u ask me boring!!!!!!!!!!!). anywho we get to spiderman he can climb up walls fly through the city with his web shooting ability and hes pretty strong 2!

    Posted by Chunkey Ride at 09/02/06 7:59 PM
  • its just from the first movie but they changed the color of the suit

    Posted by jim at 09/02/06 10:46 PM
  • spiderman aparesera en mayo

    Posted by diego at 09/03/06 4:07 PM
  • i like spider-man peter is beautiful

    Posted by marcio at 09/03/06 4:54 PM
  • I'd do anything , anything to have all of spiderman's powers and abbilities. It's would be sooooo fun going all aroud the world and stuff with spider powers. and going to school and rubbing it in someone who you hate's face. It would be grate. Not to mention the laddies if ur a guy or the guys if ur a laddie. E-mail me plz if you wanna talk more :-) if ya know wat i mean. at

    P.S i'm a 13 year old man/boy.


    Posted by Thomas Andrews at 09/03/06 4:58 PM
  • This film is gonna be the bollocks. the trailer looks mind blowing and the film is gonna be hot!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by mco at 09/06/06 8:53 AM
  • yall some bitches

    Posted by chris at 09/07/06 8:55 PM
  • Hey guys what do you think about gwen stacy?

    Posted by Kamui at 09/11/06 4:29 PM
  • Ofcourse this picture is fake. Any spiderman fan would know that the spiderman symbol on his chest belongs to the red and blue suit. the black suit has a different spider symbol. trust me.

    but who ever did this fake did a dam good job. couldn't even tell, but just make sure to change the spider next time too mna.

    Posted by Jason Flores at 09/13/06 2:44 PM
  • oh my godness... WATCH THE TRAILER!!!

    maybe it is a fake, may be not... but in the OFFICIAL TRAILER, the symbol lokks like this one... its not the same as in the comics (i dont know why, but they took another one)

    Posted by Kamui at 09/15/06 5:53 PM
  • el hombre araa es lo mejor para todos los que lo odiab, tiene una calidad de imagen y efecto de camara qu nadie lo supera mangas de ignorantes, fuch this mens...

    Posted by *(F@BI)* at 09/20/06 9:53 PM
  • Duh....that's from SM2 when he is fighting Doc Ock on the train! look at the wounds on the side!

    Posted by Carlos Fontes at 09/24/06 12:00 AM
  • he wants sexo inher bed

    Posted by ana at 09/24/06 11:45 AM
  • We want venom no't sand man.

    Posted by jaime lopez at 09/27/06 4:32 PM
  • spider man 3 sucks!

    Posted by rettrr at 09/28/06 5:31 PM
  • i love you spiderman i am agitl

    Posted by nn at 09/28/06 5:43 PM
  • there´s a fake

    the real picture are on spiderman part II

    here`s the orginal...


    fakes sucks

    Posted by newbi at 09/30/06 9:01 PM
  • do that is fucking sweet this movie is going to be so bad ass and i am going to see it on opening night

    Posted by that ramdom guy at 10/02/06 12:48 PM
  • i have seen a copy of spider man 3

    Posted by ned at 10/03/06 10:46 AM
  • the cinema is a bouk beri ges in serch for gath berri films pipol the meins of tipe may budi

    Posted by bladimir at 10/03/06 11:10 AM
  • this is very cool

    Posted by jskfg at 10/04/06 2:29 PM
  • Hey yall' the suit is for real! Look it up idiot's! Any true Spider-man fan would know that Spider-man has a black suit. It's in the freakin' comics. Stupid idiot's! Damn Tobey lookin' fine in that black suit too huh? Mmm, real good...GO Tobey I love ya baby!!!!
    from a true spider-man fan!

    Posted by Heather at 10/05/06 8:31 AM
  • who ever says spider man 3 is a fake desrves a slap cus its not check google or the actual website on sonypictures . com its the sickest film thats gonna be out!!!!

    Posted by zezima at 10/05/06 12:03 PM
  • heather u r the most retarded bitch ever, we all kno the suits black we are talking about the symbol. and i kno that pictures fake cause in the second movie when hes talking to harry he has the same cut he got from doc ock. now the movie is going to be awsome and topher grace will do great in the movie. dont talk about him ppl. if u want to argue IM me at

    Posted by phil at 10/06/06 7:12 PM
  • i also want to say that yes the symbol is different but its not the biggest deal in the world but still they shouldnt mess up on something that stands out so much.

    Posted by phil at 10/06/06 7:17 PM
  • i just want to say one more thing (for now) if u look in the backround of the picture it has the same masks that are in harry's house so ha now nobody can say that its not fake.

    Posted by phil at 10/06/06 8:37 PM
  • This gonna be the best
    i'm sonna see it 15 times
    those son of of bitch who say "spiderman sucks" are sick
    those fucks, son of gun's mama is so fat that her shadow weighs 600 pounds

    Posted by Ashmin at 10/07/06 3:01 AM
  • wow!that suite looks sooo kl but tobey is a asshole

    Posted by Abraham at 10/07/06 7:29 AM
  • hey just in case for all u ppl who think im wrong i changed my SN its now and once again go spider man

    Posted by phil at 10/09/06 10:11 PM
  • verygoo

    Posted by david at 10/18/06 2:18 PM
  • it s a fake it an image of spider-man 2 when harry osborn knows that peter parker it spider-man

    Posted by Elias at 10/21/06 11:10 PM
  • I'm glad people on here are so stupid they resort to "your momma's so fat" jokes. So someone doesn't like spidey, deal with it you babies. Anyway, this is a total fake. First of all, this is a photoshopped picture from the second movie, and second, no this is NOT the same spider on the suit as in the SM3 trailer. Maybe all you people who are saying to go watch it need to go watch it a little closer yourselves.

    Posted by Smoove at 10/22/06 7:27 PM
  • Just wanted to let you guys know, yes sand man is in this movie, but green goblin is not. Harry is going to be the hob-goblin. Is costume is a goldish-orange, with a mix of purple is some areas. Spidey does where the venom costume, but loses it in the bell tower. Topher Grace who plays as Eric on "That 70's Show" is Eddie Brock. He does get the symbiote towards the middle of the movie and then Spidey must fight Venom. The Hob Goblin and Sand Man are minor villians, Venom will be in this movie no just on spidey, but on Eddie. It is uknown at this point rather Topher Grace will be in a suit or if Venom will be CGI, but overall this movie is going to kick ass and I am super excited!!!

    Posted by Ross at 10/22/06 8:17 PM
  • you see Ross knows what he's talking about and I agree with everything he said in his comment. nice job man.

    Posted by Phil at 10/23/06 10:03 PM
  • you see Ross knows what he's talking about and I agree with everything he said in his comment. nice job man

    Posted by Phil at 10/23/06 10:04 PM
  • Hi Spider man How r u ? Ur Good man And Send Ur email plzzzz.bye

    Posted by Faisal at 10/26/06 7:20 AM
  • can't wait til' we see carnage in a movie

    Posted by Daniel at 10/29/06 9:39 PM
  • That sute is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to see the movie!

    Posted by evan at 11/07/06 8:20 PM
  • people, don't swear and if U don't like spider-man, dont post a comment.

    Posted by Kai at 11/11/06 8:55 PM
  • wow that costume i have that costume i got in 2006 in this halloween so cool thats spiderman3 so cool theres going to bre 10 episode of spiderman

    Posted by no one at 11/13/06 4:07 AM
  • Man!! you guys are nerds!!

    Posted by Michael at 11/14/06 12:20 PM
  • people,people,people
    OH...... YA....UM... MY MYSPACE IS SPIDERMAN TO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!=]

    Posted by Tnaia Barragan at 11/14/06 1:58 PM
  • wow that preview of spiderman 3 was amazing! I want to see it even more now.

    Posted by Phil at 11/15/06 6:59 PM
  • i have to say that the suit pictured here is fake. i know this because i am employed to dress up as spiderman for parties film premiers etc and i have an exact copy of the one used in the movie.
    however this is a very good fake but the person who made it just did a good photoshop job on it and turned it black.

    Posted by richard at 11/18/06 3:37 PM
  • not trying to burst anyone's bubble here, but it's a pic from spider-man 2.I've seen it before and the spider on his chest is different than the one that appears in official pics and trailers.

    Posted by rickyd at 11/25/06 9:54 PM
  • yer rite

    Posted by Ed at 11/26/06 7:59 AM
  • um this is FAKE look at the wounds on peter. cant u tell that theyre photoshopped in? the shading isnt even done properly.but whatever spiderman is still hott ;)

    Posted by whatever at 12/02/06 12:23 PM
  • It's fake,
    also the villains in spider-man 3 are going to be;
    Harry Osbourne/Night surfer
    Lizard (in the trailer it shows breifly spider-man swinging out of a sewer exploding in his symbiote outfit which states the there is a high probability since Dr. Connors has been in spider-man 2

    Posted by pat at 12/03/06 5:23 AM
  • pat I can am 100% sure that lizard isn't going to be in the 3rd movie. Just sandman Hob Goblin and VENOM but it would be cool i lizard was in the 3rd movie

    Posted by Phil at 12/03/06 9:08 PM
  • i hope they make a 4th one
    could be about spidey and venom taking on carnage

    Posted by pat at 12/05/06 3:59 AM
  • They actually mite make 6 movies I heard

    Posted by Phil at 12/08/06 8:07 PM
  • he look so cool

    Posted by aga at 12/12/06 4:58 AM

    Posted by SONYA at 12/13/06 3:22 PM
  • i heard an interview saying that there may not be any more adventures left for spidey according to tobey maguire but sma raimi may wont to make 4

    Posted by pat at 12/15/06 6:17 AM
  • this looks so cool

    ijust hope theres a VENOM

    Posted by Andrew at 12/21/06 5:33 PM
  • of coures there is goin to be venom in this movie i mean spider-man has the black suit why wounldn't he be in it

    Posted by phil at 12/22/06 11:59 PM
  • You guys that say that it's fake are fucking morons it lokks badass and can't wait to see it

    Posted by 007 night killer at 12/29/06 9:24 PM
  • dude 007 night killer its not the real thing i mean look at the symbol its so different then the one in the previews and the pictures

    Posted by Phil at 12/31/06 12:26 AM
  • if you go to you could see the trailer and its great!!!

    Posted by daniel at 12/31/06 3:51 AM
  • ive seen 2 different trailers

    Posted by pat at 01/05/07 3:34 AM
  • waaaaaah!
    I like a loooot this film: spidermaaan!
    well, the first, the second...and I'm waiting for the last!!
    it's is...fantastic!

    Posted by NeithuL at 01/09/07 3:04 PM
  • The black spider suit is different from the red one! Even though the emblems are not white, they are differently shaped. The front spidey emblem has curved inward legs on the black costume, and straight legs on the red one. Plus on the back of the costume, he has a bigger spidey emblem with long curved legs. You'll see it in the movie.

    Posted by Gabriel at 01/12/07 4:27 AM
  • His black suits is very good.i havent watch it(movie)but it hope it will be great.

    Posted by Kaka jan at 01/30/07 4:48 AM
  • ok first off i noticed people saying that parker in the black suit is venom....WRONG!!! Topher Grace (that 70s show) is venom. if u search youtube you may find the trailer where it shows him changing into venom. if you read the comics first you will know that the symbiot takes over parker first in the suit then the symbiot thinks this is what form to take when it takes over Eddie Brock (Topher Grace).
    and yeah the pic is a fake the black suit in the 3rd film has a diffrent spider on his chest...more like a black widow.

    Posted by Ry at 02/12/07 10:41 AM
    heres the trailer i was telling you about. watch it....venom is right at the end

    Posted by Ry at 02/12/07 10:46 AM
  • you know ry is right, he knows what hes saying everything he says is true just keep listening to him

    Posted by venom12 at 02/13/07 1:17 AM
  • also if you look on wikipedia sam raimi said that he has confirmed that he WILL be making a spider-man 4 which should have lizard or mysterio and should be carnage

    Posted by venom12 at 02/13/07 1:19 AM
  • u are the best and im sure youre going to be cooler in the black suit.Wish u good luck spiderman.

    Posted by jonathan murariu at 02/15/07 7:46 PM
  • THIS FILM IS gonner kick ass but is peter packer gonner good or evil and is venom gonner be it because if u go on it show a picture of eddie broock turning i to venom p.s have u seen the spider man3 game trailer it looks as good as spider man 2 the game and is on PSP

    Posted by HITMAN of aNaRcHy at 04/15/07 11:12 AM
  • and did u know that sand man as something to do with peters uncles death well i think so

    Posted by HITMAN of aNaRcHy at 04/15/07 1:38 PM
  • i saw spiderman 3 already... i live in thailand and the movie is realeased on may 1st. i saw it today and it was not bad but not what i expected. i wont be telling any spoilers but yea part 2 was better. the first half of the movie was a bit boring.. the other half was quite good though. the movie should have been longer and better in story.

    Posted by shaun at 05/01/07 10:08 AM
  • BULLSHIT! yeah shaun, you live in Thailand, and i'm tobey McGuires cousin so i got a fuckin'private screening, it seems quite obvious what the movie is about spiderman/peter is asking to mary Mj and then gets attacked by harry in goblin gear losses ring, mary/aunt-may gets pissed, all the while chasing sandman, gets symbolite suit, messes up his life rips of suit in bell tower lands on eddie brock, hence venom...epic battle ensues...the end

    Posted by Matt at 05/02/07 8:48 PM
  • looks sweet though...

    Posted by Matt at 05/02/07 8:49 PM
  • i just saw it, if you read the comics you'll be disappointed, if u like the movies you'll be disappointed, oh yeah and spidey does random jazz numbers, they show a black man cry when he saves mj, and an american flag waves when he flys by to save the day, did i mention the action did NOT outnumber the really really emo scenes where no one says much of anything and the acting was not worth a cent of an award.

    cg artists and animators did a very very amazing job though, scriptwriter... someone maybe should kill him

    just try not to laugh or leave the theater if you a true diehard, all i have to say. go waste your money, GOD WE WERE SO PISSED when we LEFT!!!! GRRAWRAW RWR!!!!!

    Posted by john at 05/04/07 4:25 AM
  • The movie WAS SHIT!!!!!!!!!

    The Screenwright should be killed!!! along with the all the horrible acting extras. Venom was comedic WTF??? It was Disney presents:Spiderman 3 [rated G].

    I was so amped to see it and so mad when i left along with about 80+ who all began cursing at the film.

    the CG was fantastic though.

    Posted by PISSED at 05/04/07 6:56 AM
  • Im sorry but this movie SUCKED BALLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by Chris at 05/04/07 12:35 PM
  • Spiderman 3....HOT F@#$*ing Garabage. SAVE YOU MONEY. BUY THE DVD...better yet PURCHASE IT BOOTLEG. It stinks!!!
    Spiderman Biggest Life Long Fan

    Posted by Chardy at 05/04/07 8:22 PM
  • That's a fake black spider man costume editing because the spider now on his chest is white and curves inwards this is a shot from spider man 2 wher harry discovers peter;s secret.

    Posted by Supernatural12 at 05/04/07 10:24 PM
  • i really think that the movie was good. not too much action but dark peter/spiderman...looks HOTT>>> i do think that the 2nd one was better but o. well what's done is done..!!
    toby is fuckin'.. HOT..

    Posted by star at 05/06/07 3:04 AM
  • Posted by John at 05/08/07 5:49 PM
  • yo your suit mad nice spidey the third moive was aight the second one was horrible and the first one was the bom u fucked up that green goblin shit

    Posted by jonathan at 08/16/07 11:19 PM
  • doc oc green goblin venom and sandman to suck a dick cause they cant fight for life

    Posted by jonathan at 08/16/07 11:29 PM
  • hi spidey can`t wait to see movie cause that suit is soooo cool.I wish I had the movie!!!!!!!wish I see you right me back sometime k!!!!!!!that movie rules!!!!!!!!!!!!sorry man gatta go catch you later chow.:)

    Posted by kevin at 08/21/07 12:52 AM
  • hey you fan kevin Ill give you eight free tickets to see spider-man 4 ok.gatta go director filming spider-man 4 meet me at hollywood on were they film spider-man 4!!!!!!!nye little man!!!!!!;)

    Posted by Tobey Maguier at 08/21/07 12:58 AM
  • hey you fan kevin Ill give you eight free tickets to see spider-man 4 ok.gatta go director filming spider-man 4 meet me at hollywood on were they film spider-man 4!!!!!!!bye little man!!!!!!;)

    Posted by Tobey Maguier at 08/21/07 12:59 AM
  • I mean bye!!!

    Posted by Tobey maguaier at 08/21/07 1:00 AM
  • wow thanks!!!!!

    Posted by kevin at 08/21/07 1:02 AM
  • so wat is spider-man 4 is about tobey????

    Posted by kevin at 08/21/07 1:03 AM
  • oh just meet me there on hollywood at 8 just watch annd Ill give you 8 backstage passes for you and your family k in 5 weeks.bye need to go directors calling me bye little man.see you soon.;)

    Posted by Tobey Maguaier at 08/21/07 1:07 AM
  • this was the worst movie i have ever seen

    Posted by jonathan at 02/21/08 12:59 PM
  • this was the worst movie i have ever seen

    Posted by jonathan at 02/21/08 12:59 PM
  • bhsd

    Posted by sarmed at 08/06/09 11:43 AM
  • can spider-man die for ever

    Posted by sarmed at 08/06/09 11:45 AM
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