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South Park vs. Family Guy

South Park vs. Family Guy

I haven't followed this story much (or at all), but apparently South Park hates Family Guy (real bad).


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  • Oh boy, family guy sure got dissed. There isn't much family guy can say though, south park potrayed them pretty accurately

    Posted by mike at 04/18/06 5:30 PM
  • This has been the worst season of south park ever. with the episodes about killing off chef;and just pure jeolously making fun of family guy. npw family is a whole lot better

    Posted by fuck bag37 at 04/26/06 12:32 PM
  • F**k all of Family Guy fans South Park is way BETTER!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by K2B at 04/26/06 2:32 PM
  • Lol, even if family guy is worse then south park at least family guy doesnt make fun of south park like a little shit.

    Posted by CutePie12xpo at 03/02/09 1:51 AM
  • Not only that, but it INSULTED fans of Family guy. South Park should be cancelled, Familly guy is funny, South Park is insulting, to politics, religion, and good shows like Family guy!

    Posted by Masterge77 at 04/08/09 7:44 AM
  • Suck my balls " Masterge77" South Prak is the best TV show Ever!
    Family Guy is just pure Bull Crap!!
    Family Guy has poor animation ( compared to south park ) and all the lines they have is " remembr the time when ....." and crap like that!

    Posted by Juice at 05/27/09 9:29 AM
  • Suck my balls " Masterge77" South Park is the best TV show Ever!
    Family Guy is just pure Bull Crap!!
    Family Guy has poor animation ( compared to south park ) and all the lines they have is " remembr the time when ....." and crap like that!

    Posted by Juice at 05/27/09 9:30 AM
  • South prak? What the F*ck is that? South praks (as you like to call it, juice) animation is made by repeated pictures of card.The characters can't even run. Notice how their legs dont move when they walk. The "Rember the time when..." lines are key parts of the show, like killing kenny is in south park. Now disagree that family guy isn't better with valid points, correct facts, and number of viewers, you slimy, insignificant weasel.

    Posted by C dude08 at 09/04/09 8:46 PM
  • South Park is superior to Family Guy in every way. The jokes in Family Guy have nothing to do with the plot and, as Seth McFarlane has even admitted, are completely interchangeable. Also, every Family Guy character is a rip off of some other character, probably from the Simpsons. It is the epitome of lazy, uninspired comedy.

    South Park, on the other hand, is relevant, envelope-pushing and flat out delivers more laugh out loud moments per episode. This last season in particular was just brilliant.

    Posted by Sonny at 09/07/09 11:20 PM
  • family guy can make fun of south park back but whaty they gonna make fun of? 2 ppl doing most of the voices and work? lmao family guy is written by loads of untalented writers
    also the voices in family guy rnt vry hard 2 do if ur good at changing ur voice

    Posted by tyler at 09/30/09 8:43 PM
  • At least Sonny Could actually argue (and frankly, spell), Juice.

    Posted by C dude08 at 10/06/09 7:16 AM
  • South Park is way more progressive and has much better characters. C'mon those characters are classic, where would we be without Cartman? Kenny? Mr.Garrison? How southpark portrayed Family guy is nothing but truth, it's just they had the balls to say it. I'm not saying Family Guy is total crap, it's funny occasionally, but for the most part it's written horribly with it's cheesy, interchangable jokes that always begin with "That's like the time I...." Also they have cheesy one-line openers and they sing songs too much....retarded, random songs at that, wtf is shaboopy? That's not even remotely funny. South Parks don't do songs too often but at least it's funny when they do for the most part. Don't even say Southpark gets preachy, they just make fun of everything. Family guy gets up their own ass with liberal messages

    Posted by Mike616 at 10/21/09 10:41 PM
  • Look South Park has the shittest animation they don`t even spend time on the animation they just rush through it hoping no one will notice. They only put an effort into the animation into the animation at important parts like the scene when kenny goes to hell in the movie . So South park should look at there animation before dissing family guys writting SOUTH PARK SUCKS WHEN IT COMES TO ANIMATION AND VOICE TALENTS REALLY CARTMAN SOUNDS LIKE A MONKEY WITH A POLE UP ITS ASS GET IT THROUGH YOUR HEADS SOUTH PARK SUCKS FAMILY GUY RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by Wayne Cronin at 02/18/10 4:03 PM
  • this has turned in to a troll fight.
    family guy is a good show, i'm a fan to say the least, but there is NO comparison with it to south park. the animation is purposely bad mr cronin, and its genius the fact that they haven't tried to update it. unlike family guy who need to update the animation to take emphasis off the re-used plots and half baked jokes. for example the most recent episode of family guy 'extra large medium' is just a regurgitated version of 'the worlds biggest douche' episode of south park, and its not the first time they've done this. seth mcfarlane is an over opinionated, elitist moron. trey parker and matt stone, simply don't give a shit, and are superb at writing. cartoon wars was an accurate. but still family guy is a good program, its just nothing on south park.

    Posted by Randy Marsh at 03/06/10 12:17 PM
  • ..i've actually been a ''fan'' of FG a couple of years ago, as the first couple of series were quite funny to me. However, at that time, i never really payed much attention to any other animated shows. Then, FG just started to suck as (after the 5. season i suppose), and it really started to get on my nerves, so i stopped watching it alltogether..however, one day i got bored and discovered that SP has their own website where you can watch every episode free of charge, so i decided to have a go at it..i've seen SP a couple of times before, and i thought it was pretty funny, but as i said, i didn't really pay much attention to it..until now..and i was absolutely blown away by the awesomness the series has to offer!..i can, without a doubt, claim that SP wreaks havoc on every single comparison against FG..SP is just way more inteligent, accurate and therefore funnier after 14 fucking seasons than FG was at it's peak (first seasons)..also, i've read someone commenting on FG's ''t'was like the time when..'' gag being the same as SP's Kenny dying and just couldn't believe someone could think that!?..kenny dying is just a reoccuring bonus to an episode, taking roughly a few seconds off the plot, whereas the FG ''gags'' literally take more than half the entire episode, which, since they're not at all that funny, could only mean that McFarlane ran out of ideas, and has to use some sort of ''filler'' for the episode to last more than 10 minutes..i guess the point i'm trying to make is; SP has much more inteligent and complex humor, which is harder to make and understand, whereas FG humor is mostly pretty straight-forward and relies on pop culture references to give it some extra ''depth''..either way, i don't think it's possible to adore both shows, either you ''get'' the complex humor SP offers, which makes you despise the simple FG attempt to be funny, or you don't ''get'' the SP humor, which probably does make it boring and full of pointless toilet humor..personally, as you surely figured, i'm a fan of complex humor, meaning my vote goes to SP all the way!

    Posted by Peanutbunz at 03/11/10 10:18 AM
  • 1. south park
    2 family guy
    3. futurama
    4. simpsons...

    Posted by alexander at 06/20/10 4:38 PM
  • South park is funny family guy is funny let's all stop havin bitch fits over which one is funnier. Ps south park is better tho :D

    Posted by OD at 01/29/11 8:17 PM
  • Before I get into it, let me say that both SP and FG have their merits. That said, while I like FG, I LOVE South Park. For those that don't give much thought to what they watch (whether they choose not to or are simply incapable), SP will appear to be a collection of toilet humor and jokes based on shock value. But for those who are capable of understanding the satirical elements of SP, the show's genius is apparent. It is amazing to me that Trey Parker (who seems to be the main creative force behind the show), Mat Stone, and the other writers have managed to keep putting out brilliant material after 15 years or so. They not only nail a lot of the ridiculous, hypocritical BS that people do, they are not afraid to call out specific people and groups for their individual BS (for example, in the episode about Scientology, the show ended with angry Scientologists threatening to sue Stan Marsh and Stan looking directly at the camera and yelling something to the effect of "Sue me! I'm not afraid of you! Go ahead and sue me!". [Of course, everyone in the closing credits were named either "John Smith" or "Jane Smith"]. They also have made fun of themselves on occasion, like in the "Cartoon Wars" episodes, one of the characters (an executive at a Canadian TV network) tells Terrance and Phillip (the two main characters of a skit show named after them in which they basically fart throughout every episode) that "Your show has become so preachy and full of messages that you've forgot how to be funny.". Another character tells Kyle in reference to Family Guy "At least it doesn't get preachy and up it's own ass with messages." In my opinion, I don't think SP has forgotten to be funny, I do, however, think that SP represents some of the most clever and cutting social satire in the history of TV. And with regards to it's animation, remember that Parker and Stone started SP by using photographing construction paper cutouts frame by frame. Early on in the series, they switched over to computers to do the animation, but made a conscious decision to continue using the original look of the show. Even so, some of the animation in the last several seasons has at times been impressive (for example, in the Season 12 episode "Breast Cancer Show Ever", SPOILER ALERT! The scene where Cartman and Wendy fight was great; this is not necessarily the best example but rather the first that came to mind). Now then, I like Family Guy okay. It does have some truly funny moments. But unlike South Park, there isn't much in the way of depth of storyline. It tends to try to get most of it's laughs from pop cultural references that have nothing to do with the story or characters. Some of them are genuinely funny, but they can also take away from the story by just being irrelevant distractions. There will always be differences in what people prefer, of course. I like FG, but in my opinion, it doesn't come close to SP in terms of humor and intelligence.

    Posted by CausaMortis at 02/18/11 2:57 PM
  • Premiering in the late summer of 1997, South Park took American pop culture by storm with its no-holds-barred examination of social and political issues and its lewd yet unique brand of cartoon humor. Created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, South Park is the lynchpin of cable network Comedy Central’s original programming lineup. Centered around the lives of several kids in the small Colorado town of South Park (a place prone to odd and paranormal occurrences), the series presents itself in the form of crude animated drawings, yet the concept works, playing home to innumerable well-written shows filled with boundless wit, well-timed one-liners, and an endless array of politically-incorrect humor. Love it or hate it, South Park is a truly original animated series with relentlessly off-the-wall plot twists and comic relief. If you love oddball humor, then this is the show for you…:

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    Posted by Alfredo Clabough at 04/13/13 10:17 AM

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