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10 Awesomely Insane Movie Freak Outs 10 Awesomely Insane Movie Freak Outs

We've compiled 10 of our favorite movie meltdowns for your enjoyment.

Awesomely Insane Movie Freak Outs

Awesomely Insane Movie Freak Outs

Awesomely Insane Movie Freak Outs

Freak outs, meltdowns, losing your mind... whatever you call it, we all love it when someone breaks down and goes completely insane. When it comes to the movies, there's a fine line between an intense acting performance and utter silliness. More often than not, it's the latter. Here are 10 of our favorite film freak outs.



Comments (12)

  • i want film sexy.

    Posted by alia at 11/03/08 5:21 PM
  • Uh, no Jack Nicholson as Jack Torrance in THE SHINING?


    Posted by Jeebus at 11/20/08 9:36 PM
  • Is it only considered a freak out if perpetrated by a man? I suppose women have hissy fits huh?

    Posted by Bubbles at 11/23/08 11:56 PM
  • Gary Oldman is the best. No one can compare with him.

    Posted by Morgan at 12/19/08 3:00 PM
  • Event Horizon should have been on this list.

    Posted by Kate at 01/24/09 2:18 AM
  • Every scene in Very Bad Things

    Posted by josh at 02/10/09 2:06 AM
  • How about Leo Bloom (Gene Wilder) when he has an anxiety attack in Max Bialystock's (Zero Mostel's) office in the first few minutes of the original movie, _The Producers_?

    Posted by Rich at 06/28/09 4:01 PM
  • You forgot Jerry Lundegaard's (William H. Macy) silent freak out in "Fargo" when he's scraping the snow off his car!

    I also agree with Rich regarding Gene Wilder's freak out in The Producers!

    And who can forget that "Falling Down" with Michael Douglas was a movie long freak out!

    Posted by Moose at 11/28/09 12:33 AM
  • What about Arnold Schwartznegger in Total Recall???

    I love Gary Oldman's line, but Arnold's gotta be up there! hahaha

    Posted by JP at 02/06/10 7:46 PM
  • Well done. Perhaps go top 25? Willem Dafoe in Boondock Saints!

    Posted by SoggyPancake at 01/08/11 6:48 PM
  • how the f*** could you miss keanu reeves in devil's advocate ?

    Posted by mickail at 02/11/11 4:59 PM
  • Crispin Glover in Wild At Heart. "I'm making my lunch!!!"

    Posted by larry at 03/09/11 8:55 PM

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