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Paper Man – Trailer

Paper Man is an inspirational comedic drama about an unlikely friendship between Richard (Jeff Daniels), a failed middle—aged novelist who has never quite grown up and Abby (Emma Stone), a 17—year—old girl whose role in a family tragedy years earlier has stolen away her youth. Both are unsure, both are afraid to take firm steps forward, and both are looking for that special friend—that connection—to help guide them into the future. Since his childhood, Richard has mostly relied on the imaginary one that resides in his head—a costumed superhero known as Captain Excellent (Ryan Reynolds).

Jeff Daniels, Emma Stone, Lisa Kudrow, and Ryan Reynolds star.


Comments (3)

  • I really enjoyed Emma Stone's character this film. She makes the relationship between her character and Jeff Daniel's character all the more interesting.

    Posted by dillan at 04/23/10 3:53 PM
  • I'm totally excited for this, I heard Jeff Daniels will be at the NYC showing on Sunday!? That's too cool, I might have to make a trip to NY just for him :)

    Posted by Brandi at 04/23/10 5:28 PM
  • I'm so excited to see Paper Man! I have such a crush on Ryan Reynolds and with spandex? yes please!

    Posted by Laura at 04/23/10 6:55 PM

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