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Death Proof Car

Death Proof car

Pics of Kurt Russell's Badass Car from Tarantino's Grindhouse Flick, 'DEATH PROOF'!!!


Comments (17)

  • Tarantino sucks!

    Posted by Goat at 09/06/06 2:56 PM
  • Yeah, man, Tarantino Sucks!!!

    Posted by Lee Marvin at 09/10/06 3:29 PM
  • The sucking comes solely from those who accuse others of said suckage.

    Posted by Douglas Xavier Ponce III at 09/20/06 1:36 PM
  • Tarantino is a hack, no talent what so ever. He is a good editor, but can't make a film to save his life. For one thing, its the same movie every time.

    His movies consist of really bad people doing evil things. The scumbags are the heroes and we are supposed to feel for these pieces of crap. He creates a lack of empathy which is key in building a solid character.

    Death proof is about a psychopath(wasn't expecting that) who likes to hunt, rape and murder women. I was particularly disgusted by the promo pick of three girls in school girl uniforms, one looked to be at least 11. Way to go Tarantino. This is extremely detrimental. Glorifying rapists is not the work of a master director, its the work of a really really bad person.

    Posted by paddy at 01/17/07 9:50 AM
  • I'd like to see you 2 bashing trantino make a better movie. He doesn't glorify anything he's showing how evil someone can be because people have their heads up their asses instead of looking at the whole world.

    Posted by CMR at 02/25/07 12:58 AM
  • Well honestly Deathproof did suck and Rodriquez did a much better job all around of not just his half of these films but that last series of movies that he has done. What makes Deathproof exceptionally hard to watch is the fact that Rodriguez made that much better of a film. The two directors might be friends in realy life but the talent is truely only in the first film.

    Posted by WTF at 04/15/07 12:36 AM
  • I still can't believe what I just watched. Tarantino is one of my favorite recent modern directors, however, watching Death Proof was harder than watching Plan 9 From Outer Space at 4:00 in the morning. I could have just gone out with four annoying women all night if I wanted that kind of entertainment...and Kurt did such a great job...poor guy.
    I just going to go to sleep and pretend it was a nightmare.

    Posted by ex QT fan at 04/19/07 12:20 AM
  • All Tarantino movies suck. It just that fans will be fans. you'll see one movie, like it, and think every other movie made by the same person is great. So I say sit back and let them suckle Tarantinos teet and continue to live in an imaginary world where his movies are actually good. Its like not telling your retarded cousin that Santa is'nt real because ignorance is bliss.

    Posted by Roger at 04/22/07 12:39 PM
  • Death proof sucked ass. Was that Wanda Sikes in the movie?.. cuz it sounded like her. Worst movie ever. I want my $7 and entire afternoon back. Tarantino is a douch, I saw this leno interview with him and kept saying shit like "Im soooo great at talking to women, Im sooo wonderfull, Women just Looove me." FAG!

    Posted by Fuck Tarantino at 04/27/07 11:49 AM
  • Tarantino is just an ordinary director very,very overrated...And,except "Reservoir Dogs" his other movies suck.So,actually,he sucks.

    Posted by Alessio at 04/28/07 10:56 AM
  • I think that everyone missed the point with this movie. I loved it!And Im not a tarantino fanatic, but he does do things off of the beaten path. I grew up watching those 70's car movies. bad and cheezy but awesome cars. This movie was great. Hot looking chicks and badass cars . And the villain actually gets a f'n ass kickin by some fine females!He didnt get glorified! Russell was great! He was sreamin like a pussy when he was getting beat! that was excellent! Remember this was made to look like a "B" movie folks, lighten up. Great stuntwork and great movie.

    Posted by stuntman at 11/02/07 12:40 AM
  • I realize it was modeled to be like a crappy movie but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be entertaining. It's really sad when you want to root for a murderer because of the lack of making the annoying females likable. The whole movie is filler with one cool car crash and then more annoying females who make a badass villain cry.... Come on now. All that filler for nothing....
    Tarantino is a faggot.

    Posted by Dang at 11/05/07 4:31 PM
  • Yeah, I have enjoyed Tarantino's previous movies, but have never been a huge fan. I really liked the Kill Bill's, didn't mind res dogs, didn't like pulp fiction as much as it seems I should have given all the hype, loved dusk til dawn, didn't mind four rooms (I know these aren't all Tarantino-directed movies). But this movie was honestly a huge boring piece of shit. The last 20 mins was great, but not nearly great enough to make up for the hour and a half of pointless mind-numbing shit leading up to it. I would say that it was 85% chick flick, but for the fact that my girlfriend found it so boring that she decided to give me a blow job instead of watching the rest of it. The blow job was fantastic, but still the movie sucked. The Rodriguez one was much better and paid much more attention to the 70's sexploitation genre.

    Posted by Hambone at 11/07/07 2:06 AM
  • okay. DEATH PROOF was amazing. Tarantino is amazing. I thought the ending was great; really suspenseful. The beginning was a little over-diologued or whatever but thats just his style. The story was about the psycho guy who likes to murder young women for kicks, and messes with the wrong chicks who end up kicking his ass. The beginning was just giving him background. This movie was great. A lot of his movies are great.

    and for the comment all the way up there, where was the fucking raping in this movie? fucking stupid

    Posted by some guy at 11/10/07 12:45 PM
  • Are you fucking serious? People exist who think Terantino sucks?? Like....are you fuckin' kidding me?

    Are you guys like, PTA mothers or something?

    Who the hell doesn't love the big kahuna burger scene? Even the people that have absolutely no clue wtf Terantino movies are about tend to like him.

    I can't believe that person who complained about the female characters being annoying...I'm pretty sure the first set was mostly meant to be annoying, and the second group, not as much.ZOE BELL?! Who the fuck doesn't like a real life stunt woman who finally gets a role, as a stunt woman in a real movie where she actually gets to show her face...instead of her badass ability to do flips and fling herself at hung up picture frames.Have you no penis?!...ZOE BELL!

    Posted by Stephanne at 06/17/09 2:18 AM
  • Best Movie I have seen in a long time...Kurt Russell is the best in this!!Highly recomened....

    Posted by Lisa Marie at 04/28/11 2:26 PM
  • Basically, Quentin Tarantino watches movies from Asia and Europe and then does a really shitty knock-off of them; but because Americans are such world-ignorant tools who can't be troubled to read subtitles they think this shitty-second-rate product he creates is innovative and new.

    Posted by R.J. Moore II at 01/07/12 12:52 PM

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