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The Xtreme Green Goblin

Spider-Man 3 - Green Goblin

Whoa, check out the Xtreme Goblin from Spider-Man 3. Get him a Dew, he's late for the X Games! Luckily (or not) for us, the other characters look pretty much like the comics.

Spider-Man 3 Character Designs

Spider-Man 3 - Venom design

Yup, it's Venom done in the Spider-Man movie style.


Comments (59)

  • wow,
    those character designs look so cool
    especially venom-
    i hope that's what venom looks like in the film!:)

    Posted by pat at 12/03/06 5:29 AM
  • That is Venom from the movie go to youtube and look up spider-man 3 full leaked trailer and you can see him and a lot of other seens from the movie and how its being made.

    Posted by Phil at 12/08/06 8:10 PM
  • ha! get him a dew, that's hilarious. I'm a big fan of sam raimi and i would guess that his goblin character in this is designed like this so it draws focus to sandman and venom. he's probably going to be spideys sidekick. yeeeesh I hope they off him first,

    Posted by Dyler at 01/13/07 6:00 PM
  • I love spider-man. I'm sure that alot
    of people say that,but i realy mean that.I'm 12.I'm not one of those losers
    who don't have life's,but I'm your biggest fan.Your my roemodle

    Posted by Luvpatel at 01/20/07 9:33 PM
  • Venom looks cool.

    Spiderman is not real.


    I love the movies though.

    Wait a second so someone can have spiderman as their role model? I CALL SUPERMAN!!!

    Posted by 3}{PL0$i\/3 f@rt at 02/05/07 5:59 PM
  • You call dumbass...and win.

    Posted by Goat at 02/06/07 4:34 PM
  • i love spiderman sooooooooo much. i will be him when i grow up except a girl. hehe!

    Posted by Spidy at 02/07/07 3:37 PM
  • im 100% about everything but not too sure about the white spider. If spider-man doesn't have one im not too sure venom might either but u never know i could be really wrong.

    Posted by venom12 at 02/13/07 1:33 AM
  • Venom has been the best villon out of all the other villons cuz hes the shit he could probly kill spiderman if spiderman wasnt the main character...but no spiderman needs to live!

    Posted by Venom666 at 04/10/07 1:17 PM
  • u guys know that spiderman can be it takes is some gene splicing and find the gene in spiders that makes webs..use restricting enzymes to cut that gene and use a virus to insert the gene into a human...ever think of that ppl

    Posted by xavier at 04/14/07 11:54 PM
  • venom is the sickest guy or whatever he is i dont care hes just sick!and@#$% greengoblin.

    Posted by at 04/15/07 8:42 PM
  • venom beats all and any1 who says otherwise has probably had sex with their mom

    Posted by me at 04/18/07 3:09 PM
  • Venom is awesome don't get me wrong but they could have made him a bit more buff with bigger teeth and a longer tongue. I mean its the movie get it right people. If they want to make a really good movie though it will have Carnage thats when they better get it right ... I don't want to see a gimpy Carnage.

    Posted by Nik at 05/01/07 1:52 AM
  • Ok, Ok, so everyone thinks they know spiderman, and believe they absolutly have to get everything right... they dont, but it only makes production and moves the movie on faster. heres some brain candy, spiderman(who i wish could be created) didnt have the whole web thing, peter parker created it, he couldnt move faster and make it seem to slow down time(the first movie), the green goblin was after the hob goblin, King Pin was a spidey villian not dare devil, they havent introduced black cat which he met long before venom, mary jane didnt know his identity till after spidey made the choice between black cat and mary jane,and yes venom should be bigger: however mr. stan lee is a genious and created the marvel universe, he was smart enough that he incorperated all the characters to know each other; spidy's lawyer is dare devil, his bff is the human torch whos leader is mr. fantastic who does research with bruce banner(hulk) has Iron mans number in case he goes hulk and needs to be restrained and so on and so forth. so before you bad mouth this movie imagine what can happen with the few changes to speed up production, maybe a movie that has all the characters in one final movie to end all movies.... just maybe...

    Posted by wall-crawler at 05/03/07 12:28 AM
  • the movie was TIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by niky torres at 05/05/07 4:35 PM
  • what a bad ass show!!

    Posted by someone at 05/06/07 12:38 PM
  • THE MOVIE WAS AWESOME, i know venom is villian but hes cool hes my role model :D heh.

    yeah its true venom should have been bigger but he still looked evil-like

    Posted by Venom15 at 05/06/07 4:08 PM
  • yo venom was the sikest in the movies spideys costume was even more sicker i also heard that venom comes back in the 4th film. oh ya and fuck you

    Posted by at 05/06/07 9:20 PM
  • YO!!venom is freakin awsome!!i seen s-man3 & it is TIGHT!!!i saw it yesterday.
    venom beter be in the 4th movie!!!

    Posted by Adrian at 05/06/07 9:37 PM
  • spider man 3 was so cool

    Posted by rodney at 05/06/07 11:15 PM
  • u guyz suck im into Star Wars

    Posted by watever at 05/07/07 4:47 PM
  • If you hate Spider-man, get the f*** off this site, dumb@$$.

    Posted by Loolo at 05/10/07 12:30 PM
  • Anyways, loved the black costumes.

    Posted by Loolo at 05/10/07 12:32 PM
  • SPIDERMAN 3 IS GOIN TO SO AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by ISAI at 05/10/07 6:54 PM
  • I didn't think the movie lived up to all the publicity, but I enjoyed the concepts of all the characters. Topher's performance as Vemon did the villian justice. They also set up for another movie that could include the Hobgoblin, Carnage, and Jameson even mentions Quentin Beck(Mysterio). I'm interested to see if the Sinister Six could surface. As for the comments posted previously Green Goblin was first, Normam then Harry, the Hobgoblin came later. He's not even part of the Osbourn family; his name is Roderick Kingsley. King Pin was both a Daredevil and Spiderman villian. Just like Dr. Strange's enemy Baron Mordo helped return the symbiote to Brock after spiderman blasted it into space. All the Marvel superheroes can be linked by location and villians. As for Mr.Gene Splicing up there; No, spiderman cannot be created.

    Posted by ScarletSpider at 05/11/07 5:09 PM
  • green goblin is the best villan in spider-man

    Posted by viktor at 05/12/07 4:53 AM
  • LOL

    Posted by abcdefghijklmnoprstuvwxyz at 05/18/07 2:50 AM
  • I just watched the movie.

    The Green Goblin is cool in it with is new look dark xtreme sports look and has exceptionally cool fight scenes against the Sandman.

    Harry turns good to help Peter fight Venom and Sandman and kicks a** at the end of the film. Steals the final fight scene!

    Posted by Spike at 05/21/07 5:47 AM
  • spider man

    Posted by wwwww at 05/23/07 11:14 AM
  • spider man is wicked i cant wait for number four

    Posted by jake at 05/24/07 4:16 PM
  • spiderman 3 was %*£!, first of all the suit to green goblin looks like something a kid would design, also he doesnt look no way near a goblin so i dont know why they call him the green goblin, also they made him good (WTF). oh and sandman flys (HOW), and whats up with the dance. only good thing about the movies was the fight scenes and venom (sandman was alright) better make number 4 better

    Posted by dan at 05/30/07 5:05 PM
  • you all are wrong there isnt gonna be a spidey 4 you are all dumb ass's
    you guys are F_ _ _ed up

    Posted by corbin at 05/31/07 9:41 PM
  • la la la la you guy s are fucked up la la la la im makin a song on how fucked up you all are

    Posted by corbin again at 05/31/07 9:42 PM
  • Spiderman 3 was awesome no matter what you say Corbin.

    Posted by dooky headed boy at 06/01/07 11:27 AM
  • shit piss blood motherfuckers, you're all gonna burn in hell, the BRATZ movie is off da hook, way better than anything ever made!!!! spider man is gay, pirates is gay, shrek and silver surfer along with the transformers is gay, go watch BRATZ its off da mudafukin chains yee doggy doggy boyee! smartest movie ever invented foh sho!

    Posted by BungieMan at 06/03/07 7:39 PM
  • YOU BUNCH OF DUMB...... grrrrrr u ppl make me sik, there will be 6 films, tobey maguire signed he contract allready, they didnt call him Green Goblin they didnt call him n e thing. and dude.... BRATZ? wtf..... dude stfu... ur the worst... i cant get over that... bratz? over spiderman, pirates shrek and transformers? dude u must be a 12 year old little girl..... u suk balls....

    Posted by HellWithinMyEyes at 06/07/07 10:10 AM
  • I hate to disapoint you people but there's some talk that spiderman 3 might be the final spiderman movie mabey not but just want to give you guys a heads up.

    Posted by venom at 06/10/07 9:56 PM
  • venom only has 4 fingers in this design.
    they had very few venom scenes in the movie, and they just kill him. the movie makers are bad at making plots.

    Posted by venomrocks at 06/13/07 2:17 PM
  • hey dudes spider man is awsome venom and spidey

    Posted by venom at 06/19/07 8:21 PM
  • Base on the fact that i've seen the movie, that venom pic IS FROM the movie makers, cause in a video game, it wouldn't look that real

    Posted by Kyle troy lynd at 06/20/07 8:51 PM
  • Venom isn't necassarily dead. Read the comic books and you'll see they stayed as true to the story as possible for a movie plot. In the Venom saga Spiderman gets rid of him by launching him into space, that wouldn't be very realistic for a movie.

    Posted by ScarletSpider at 06/20/07 9:41 PM
  • That scarletspider guy is right! Venom might return in the 4th as the main antonogist!

    Posted by K-Dude(101) at 06/21/07 11:25 AM
  • Hey, I read that in spiderman 4 that Carnage, Lizard and black cat will be the new ppl in it!

    Posted by K-Dude(101) at 06/23/07 6:39 PM
  • It would make sense for Carnage to come into play; but in the comics Venom helped defeat Kletus Cassady, and that would be an interesting twist for the movies. Dr. Curt Connors has already appeared in two of the movies so it's anticipated that the Lizard should surface. And lets all face it Felecia is just bad ass so she'll have to make an appearance.

    Posted by ScarletSpider at 07/10/07 2:11 AM
  • Yo,wonder how carnage will look like in the 4th spidey-movie...

    Posted by Mambo-man at 07/18/07 4:19 AM
  • Fuck, is it true that Carnage is Jameson's son?

    Posted by Mambo-man at 07/18/07 4:32 AM

    Posted by Adi krauthammer at 08/01/07 5:37 PM

    Posted by Adi krauthammer at 08/01/07 5:38 PM
  • Cool...

    Posted by Gustas at 08/09/07 10:51 AM
  • Carnage is not jamesons son,... he is the part of the venom symbiote that conors has and it escapes and its host is a cerial killer so that is why he is so evil!

    Posted by K-Dude(101) at 08/20/07 12:31 PM
  • Yo! I didn't see the trird movie yet! :'(

    Posted by A-Dude(102) at 08/22/07 2:41 PM
  • wow

    Posted by emma at 02/07/08 7:14 AM
  • All those people are crazy. Spider man's the real hero. Just look at his cool spidy moves. Yup, that's spiderman alright.
    Zakai Anderson

    Posted by zakai at 02/20/08 9:39 PM
  • is carnage going to be a fuck we'll have to find out

    Posted by joe daddy at 02/23/08 10:28 AM
  • yo yo yo its jo daddy typing that venom is the coolest guy in the trilogy

    Posted by oscar at 02/23/08 10:31 AM

    Posted by ROMAN at 04/24/08 3:18 PM
  • mis hnos matias y franco y mi primo nacho son fans de spider man

    Posted by donna at 05/01/08 12:08 PM
  • i like spider mane because his colours are blu an red , and why his spider woman is black and white ?

    Posted by alessandro at 09/25/08 1:57 PM
  • Posted by Heibfriesee at 10/21/08 8:09 AM

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