Superhero Fashion Emergency

These superheroes have made some questionable fashion choices.



Superfriends Friends


Justice League Movie Coming Soon?

Justice League

Writers Hired For JLA Film

Warner Brothers has hired writers Kiernan and Michele Mulroney to pen the script for its hoped-for Justice League of America movie, based on the DC Comics franchise, Variety reported. It's the first major action the studio has taken on the project, the trade paper reported.

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The Justice League, Smallville-style

Justice League Smallville-style

(L-R) Impulse, Green Arrow, Clark, Aquaman, Cyborg

Behold, the Rainbow Warriors of Justice!

Actually it looks like the Smallville version of the JL are on their way to a rave in Europe, except for Clark who's still sporting the corn farmer threads. Fun fact: The name "Superman" still wasn't used on the show even though the rest of the League all used code names.


Aquaman Pilot Available For Download

not Vincent Chase

"Aquaman" Going Swimmingly on iTunes

You can now download the unaired Aquaman TV pilot, not to be confused, of course, with the record breaking Aquaman movie.


Aquaman (Mercy Reef) Trailer


Mercy Reef

Don't blink or you'll miss Lou Diamond Phillips.

Update: It got removed, but it looks like other people have uploaded it.