Back to the Future

Retro Video Game Character Race

What happens when your favorite retro video game characters get together for a race? The winner might surprise you.


Back to the Future – Complete Biff Tannen Museum Video

BTTF.com has recently uncovered a copy of the complete video monitor footage from the 'Biff Tannen Museum' scene in Back to the Future™ Part II which Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) watches at the museum's entrance while he's looking for answers about his father's demise.

This never-before-seen clip is an extension of the material we briefly see on film, featuring some elaborate glimpses into Biff Tannen's (Tom Wilson) ill-gained rise to fame and power in Hill Valley.

The 3½ minute segment was digitized from an old VHS tape which had been saved by a Back to the Future fan with family connections to the film production at the time the sequels were shot in 1989-1990. To date, the following clip is not available on any other commercial collection, including the recently released 25th Anniversary Trilogy Blu-ray Disc and DVD boxed sets.


Back to the Future – Teaser Trailer

The original Back to the Future teaser trailer is still awesome.


Entertainment Weekly – Back to the Future Reunion

EW reunites Michael J. Fox, Lea Thompson, and the DeLorean for the 25th anniversary of Back to the Future.


Back to the Future 1 & 2 Simultaneous

Part 1

See what happened on November 12, 1955 from both points of view at the same time.

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If All Movies Had Smartphones

How movies like Citizen Kane, Casablanca, Back to the Future, and others would be different with smartphones.


Spike 2010 Scream Awards – Back to the Future Tribute Reunion

Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd reunite onstage at the Spike 2010 Scream Awards. (Introduced by David Spade.)