Bill Hader

SNL Digital Short: Laser Cats 7

In this episode, directed by Steven Spielberg, General Nitro and Admiral Spaceship have to save a very special alien.


Top Gun 25th Anniversary DVD – Never Before Seen Screen Tests

Watch screen tests of some of your favorite actors as a bonus feature on the DVD celebrating the 25th anniversary of "Top Gun."

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SNL Digital Short: Laser Cats The Musical!

DrOz is performing music that's killing people and it's up to Nitro and Admiral Spaceship to save the day.

Tom Hanks pitches Laser Cats The Musical featuring Elton John and Carmelo Anthony.


SNL – March Actual Madness Cold Open

On this special Selection Sunday, the CBS team breaks down this year's crazy bracket.


SNL – Duh! Winning! with Charlie Sheen Cold Open

Charlie Sheen has a TV show and has Moammar Gadhafi, Lindsay Lohan and other guests who have one thing in common: Winning.

This show is full of gnarlyisms. Winning.


SNL – Don’ You Go Rounin’ Roun to Re Ro

It seemed like a lot of killing over a very small amount of money.

For those times when you wish those British movies had subtitles (in English). www.donyougorouninrountorero.com


SNL – Mister Wizard

I don't remember learning that on Mr. Wizard's World.