Chris Pine

SNL – Unstoppable Trailer

Denzel Washington and Chris Pine work through an age difference to thwart a speeding train the size of the Chrysler Building.


Unstoppable – Trailer

A veteran engineer and a young conductor try frantically to stop a half-mile-long freight train carrying enough combustible liquids and poisonous gas to wipe out a nearby city.

Denzel Washington, Chris Pine, and Rosario Dawson star.


Star Trek (2009) vs. The A-Team

The cast of the Star Trek remake are the new A-Team.


Star Trek XI: The Animated Trailer

It's Star Trek: The Animated Series vs. J.J. Abrams... who ya got?


SNL Weekend Update: Star Trek

Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, and Leonard Nimoy visit SNL to reassure all Star Trek fans.


Star Trek: The Lost Generation

J.J Abrams' new Star Trek crew encounters the Lost gang.


Trekkies Bash New Star Trek Film as Fun, Watchable

Long time fans of the Star Trek franchise say JJ Abrams' enjoyable, engaging prequel betrays what Star Trek is all about.