The Coca Cola Friendship Machine

What if you can climb up a huge Coke machine and get 2 coke bottles for the price of one? A promo that only Friendship day can make possible.


Coke Inception Commercial

We're all just part of Santa's snow globe dream.


Coca-Cola Cappy Orchard of Children Commercial

Advert for CAPPY from Coca Cola Turkey, collaborated with Turkish Ministry of Education.


If Lady Gaga Wasn’t Famous

Lady Gaga's costumes are quickly becoming more iconic than her music. But what if she was no longer a popstar? HUNGRY BEAST looks at ways Lady Gaga and her get-up can contribute to every day life.



Coke Simpsons Super Bowl Commercial

After losing his fortune, greedy billionaire C. Montgomery Burns learns to appreciate the simple things in life.


YouTube Hits by Judit & Judit

Judit & Judit (who?) pay tribute to Afro Ninja, OK Go, Star Wars Kid, Tay Zonday, Chris Crocker, Dramatic Chipmunk, and more.