The Gadget Show – Ultimate Battlefield 3 Simulator

This is a world first. A unique FPS simulator that turns gaming into reality as you move, aim, fire and get shot within a 360-degree immersive environment.

Using a pre-release copy of Battlefield 3 and a team of top technology experts from across Europe we've built a truly one of a kind simulator.

Centred on the world's first, portable omni-directional treadmill (designed by Swedish company MSE Weibull) the simulator lets you control the movements of a Battlefield 3 character with your own body. Other key technology employed includes: 12 paintball markers that allow the player, in real time, to feel the enemy gunfire experienced in the game; a wireless gun system; ambient LED lighting; and an Xbox Kinect camera hack.


Canal+ The Bear Commercial

This bear loves film.



Bombing Down the Salt Mine in Poland

Greg Mirzoyan - Bombing the salt mine ("Wieliczka" Krakow, Poland) during a Rollerblade shoot.


Supersonic Man

His superhero theme song is way groovier than yours.


Polish Spider-Man Wreaks Havoc

He's a real Spider-Jerk.


Angry Birds vs. TV Tower

Michael Bay will surely be making an Angry Birds movie soon.


Travel of Art

Art through the ages.