fake trailer

Kimmel – Movie: The Movie

Jimmy Kimmel presents the greatest film ever made.


127 Hours – Grindhouse Cut Trailer

127 Hours goes grindhouse.


Shark Song – Jaws Trailer Recut

"Camp Kuleshov" is a competition in NYC, CHI and LA between assistant editors. They are given a film and asked to edit a trailer for the movie taking it from its original genre into another genre. Caleb Hepler's "Shark Song" took first place.

Jaws becomes a heartwarming Disney film.


Shark Pool – Trailer

There's a shark in the pool. But it's a really nice pool...


Real Apes and Rise of the Apes Mashup

Exclusive footage from real-world apes Archival Films cut with the final action trailer for Rise of the Planet of the Apes, with a kickass Wolfmother track.


Lens Flare: The Movie

J.J. Abrams loves bright lights.


George Lucas Strikes Back

Not all men are created prequel.

Do you know what really happened to George Lucas?