Freddie Wong

Freddie Wong – Every Fighting Game, Ever.

This is exactly what happens every time I play a fighting game.


Freddie Wong – Battlefield 4 Trailer

We bring you a glimpse into the future of the Battlefield series, on the eve of Battlefield 3! If you're wondering what the Modern Warfare 4 trailer looks like, have a look at the Battlefield 3 trailer.


Freddie Wong – Whose Gun Is It, Anyway?

Freddie Wong experiments with a little gun kata.


Epic Meal Time – West Coast Burger Pile

What do you get when you cross CorridorDigital, FreddieW and Epic Meal Time? A pile of burgers obviously!!!


Freddie Wong – Crossfire (ft. Steel Panther)

An ode to the greatest board game/commercial combo of all time. May it rest in peace, unless Milton Bradley brings it back which would be AWESOME!

Special thanks to Steel Panther for recording a cover of the classic Crossfire theme just for this.


Freddie Wong – Cowboys & FreddieW (ft. Jon Favreau)

Jon Favreau contacted us and gave us resources and full creative freedom to make a video about Cowboys and Aliens! This is what we came up with!


Freddie Wong – The Crying PC Gamer

We address the sorry state of PC gaming. Gamers unite! Let us reclaim PC gaming from hackers and griefers!