game clip

Portal 2 – Insane Cube Tricks (Part One)

I'm trying to get a trick done in every room with cubes and buttons, so if a few of the tricks don't live up to the 'insane' label, it's because there wasn't much scope for it in the chamber. It gets more interesting in chapter 2 (this video contains all chambers with boxes and buttons in chapter 1 & 2).


Duck Hunt – Level 100 Error

Did somebody really play through 99 levels of Duck Hunt?


Mortal Kombat Fatalities – The Obscure, Censored, and Unseen

Yet more oddities from the MK-verse. This is a fast-paced assault of the many fatalities from MK1 through MKT that aren't entirely well known for one reason or another.

A lot of funny censored fatalities from various platforms.


Hawken – Official Gameplay (Work in Progress)

Adhesive Games is developing Hawken, a new Mech Combat FPS. http://www.hawkengame.com/blog

There are many aspects of the game, some already finished, that are not shown in this video. However we feel it gives a good first glimpse and are looking forward to releasing more media!


Mortal Kombat – Fight Dirty! – Starring Johnny Cage

Preview of Johnny Cage's dirty tactics in the new Mortal Kombat game.


Portal 2 – Propulsion Gel

Propulsion Gel testing from Aperture Science.


Battlefield 3 – Fault Line Episode 1: Bad Part of Town

Some gameplay action from Battlefield 3.