Indiana Jones

Raiders of the Lost Archives

Shot-by-shot comparison of "Raiders of the Lost Ark" vs. scenes from 30 different adventure films made between 1919-1973. My love letter to Indiana Jones and the films which served as inspiration.


George Lucas Strikes Back

Not all men are created prequel.

Do you know what really happened to George Lucas?


Uncle Matin’s Sword Trick (Indiana Jones Parody)

After being falsely imprisoned for ten years, Uncle Matin is reunited with his family and friends where they beg him to do his infamous sword trick.

Some guys just can't catch a break.


LEGO Star Wars – Bombad Bounty

Boba Fett's latest bounty is to capture one clumsy janitor.


Marvel Super Heroes: What The–?! – Deadpool – For Your Consideration

Award season fever has affected everyone from armchair movie critics to taco-loving, world-renowned, wise-crackin' assassins with healing factors and unnatural affinities for swords and grenades.

When Deadpool falls asleep while watching the 82nd Annual Movie Film Awards, his bruised-too-many-times brain sends him to a slumberland plagued with dreams most bizaare!

For your consideration, we present the finest Deadpool movie moments that never happened, courtesy of Marvel Super Heroes: What The--?!


Harrison Ford: The Art of Screaming

A tribute to Harrison Ford's scream.


Raiders of the Lost Ark (1951) – Premakes Trailer

What if... Raiders of the Lost Ark was a 50s film serial? Who would be best suited for the role of Indiana Jones? How would his villains translate to this era? What would the film's musical score sound like?