Angry Birds Soccer

UNC Asheville Goalkeepers Lassi Hurskainen and Dan Jackson competing in a match of real life Angry Birds.


What Song Are You Listening To?

Listening in on Londoners' stereograms.

Millennium Falcon Augmented Reality App

Augmented reality test footage on a rooftop in midtown Manhattan.


Animal Tunes – Auto-Tuned Wolf Howls

This song was created automatically by LaDiDa, using only real wolf howls as audio input, from the actual video clips shown here. No tricks. Just some clever artificial intelligence.


Brett Domino: Justin Timberlake Medley

Brett Domino and Steven Peavis perform a medley of Justin Timberlake hits using assorted miniature instruments and lap tray travel bags


iPad – Viv Magazine Demo

Together with co-directors Cory Strassburger and Ming Hsiung, we produced a motion magazine cover and feature spread for Viv Mag - an all digital magazine, which would allow us to create content that will be able to live on the iPad and other tablet devices where digital magazines can live.


Introducing iPad

Steve Jobs introduced something yesterday...