Leonardo DiCaprio

Boston Movie Trailer

It's really Boston-y. (Good Will Hunting vs. The Departed vs. The Town vs. The Fighter vs. Fever Pitch vs. Charlie Sheen)



South Park – Insheeption (Inception Parody)

South Park Creators Apologize for Using Other Writers’ Lines

The creators of "South Park," the animated Comedy Central series, apologized on Friday to the creators of a Web comedy video satirizing the summer blockbuster "Inception," saying that they had used dialogue from a video on the Web site CollegeHumor.com.

So absurdly enough, Matt Stone and Trey Parker lifted lines from CollegeHumor's Inception Characters Don’t Understand Inception sketch. Incidentally, there's also a reference to Matt Hasselbeck of the Seattle Seahawks here.


Inebriation (Inception Parody)

'Inebriation' is a mock trailer created by Atomic Productions parodying the concept of Inception, in a dangerous and unstable world of shared drinking and drunk within drunk.


Inception Characters Don’t Understand Inception

It's really quite simple. We have to go deeper.


Inception Ending Extended

It's a spoiler or not...


Bill & Ted’s Excellent Inception

Is it real? Or is it Bodacious?


Toy Story 3: Inception

Toy Story 3 vs. Inception...