Pixel Force: 8-bit NES Halo – Trailer

Pixel Force: Halo continues the 8-bit de-make series Eric Ruth Games started this year. Through battling the Covenant in this 2D side-scroller, the player will find a multitude of weapons and vehicles from the original Bungie created series. Master Chief platform hops his way through each mission, guided by Cortana and uses 8 directional shooting in a Contra-esque game play style.


Halloween 2010: Math Teacher

A math teacher performs some Halloween hijinks for his class.


Halo Reach Jet Pack Spartan in Trafalgar Square

A Halo Spartan flies in London's Trafalgar Square.


Reality Distortion Field Remains Strong with Steve Jobs After Antennagate

Apple founder Steve Jobs have been busy defending the iPhone 4, which has been mired in problems since before its launch. The latest scandal to crop up, dubbed 'antennagate', is so-named because the phone's antenna gets poor reception if the phone is held the wrong way. Watch Jobs try and convince the world it's not a big deal in this animation.

This Chinese news animation shows that Darth Jobs has grown more evil than Darth Gates.


Bing Easy Rider Commercial

Bing channels Easy Rider.


The Secret Mission of the Terminator

Some devious corporation has sent the Terminator back on a secret mission.


Halo 4: Master Chief Sings

Master Chief really is Phil Collins. We knew it.