Naveen Andrews

The Brave One – Trailer

The Brave One

Jodie Foster dishes out some vigilante justice in The Brave One, co-starring Terrence Howard and Naveen Andrews.


Grindhouse – Trailer

Grindhouse - Death Proof

Uncensored sexuality and hardcore thrills... only at the Grindhouse.


Grindhouse – Teaser Trailer

Grindhouse - Planet Terror


Pardon me. I'm scooping up all the skull and brains from my head exploding. The only question left is will it really come out in April as stated?

The official Grindhouse site is also up. Continue for a few more screen caps.

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Grind House First Look

HOLY SH*T! Michael Biehn, Naveen Andrews, Tom Savini (!), DANNY TREJO as MF'n MACHETE!?!! What --doesn't-- this movie have? Excuse me while my head explodes (again).

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