New York

Adam Sandler – Hallelujah (Sandy, Screw Ya) at 12-12-12 Concert

Adam Sandler performs "Hallelujah (Sandy, Screw Ya)" with Paul Shaffer at the 12-12-12 benefit concert.


iPad Head Girl

iPad Head Girl walks around Bryant Park in New York City.


A Video Game Tour of NYC

Geoff and Jack go on a digital tour of Times Square using a multitude of Xbox 360 games. This video features: Forza 3, GTA IV, Legendary, Crysis 2, The Bigs, Spiderman 3, Ghostbusters, Prototype, and The Incredible Hulk.


Undercity – New York City Urban Exploration

Exploring the New York subway and sewer systems in a not-so-legal fashion.


We Bought Everything in a Store

Store Buyout is an art project where five artists arrived at Hercules Fancy Grocery in NYC and bought everything. Every item has been repurposed as art and will be sold online and for a limited time at the Store Buyout Gallery in LES. Money from the sales is going towards saving Hercules store.


Arcade: The Last Night at Chinatown Fair – Trailer

This is the trailer for ARCADE, a documentary that explores Chinatown Fair during its last week in operation. The arcade closed after being in operation for over 50 years.


NYC Subway Dining Car

We wanted to serve a meal in a dynamic and strained location, to give ourselves a challenge that could only be overcome through teamwork and partnership. It is with great honor and pride that I say that this event born in the mind of Mr. Cigar in the back of a luxury car somewhere lost in the bowels of Los Angeles came alive when it was brought to team of creative and inspired people below. I am honored to have such good friends and compatriots that can take such ridiculous ideas and bring the into fruition no matter the adversity.

It beats rats and a guy licking his shoe.