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Dollar Shave Club

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Isaiah Mustafa as Luke Cage Promo Video

The Old Spice guy really wants to be Luke Cage.


Old Spice Danger Zone Commercial


Old Spice – I’m Back

The Old Spice guy is back.


Mine Spice

Minecraft vs. Old Spice.


The Sun: Page 3 – Look at Your Woman (Old Spice Parody)

Page 3 is celebrating 40 years in The Sun newspaper. To pay homage to this national institution that's been spicing up your life since 1970, we got Page 3's gorgeous Rosie to show you boys her charms.

Isaiah Mustafa, the Old Spice guy, just got trumped.


13 Halloween Costumes You’ll See at Every Party

Here's 13 costumes you're guaranteed to see at every Halloween party.