Black Friday Shopping Prank

To show how CRAZY holiday shoppers are, 2 guys go into a store and attempt to buy an insane list of nonsensical shopping items.


Dare to Fight

Way better than a flash mob.

Just for Laughs – Cartoony Prank

What happens here is hard to explain - basically, there's a pair of twin cops and a pair of twin thieves but two of them are hidden at first. The thief steals a bag near an unsuspecting victim is standing or walking. The cop shows up and runs after the thief whiling drawing the victim with him. Then they stumble on a Scooby Doo movie set and do the whole "people running after one another and coming in and out of different doors routine".


Keith Apicary Sneaks into Comic-Con

Comic-Con is sold out but Keith Apicary will find a way in.


Cone-ing Is the New Planking

The latest craze from Down Under.


Guacamole Douchebaggery Prank

How to get FREE FAST FOOD from Burger King! Now that you know this method is fully legal, feel free to try it with your own sandwiches!


Arnold Schwarzenegger Plays Black Ops

It's amazing the number of 12 year olds on Xbox that don't recognize Arnie.