Top Gun 25th Anniversary DVD – Never Before Seen Screen Tests

Watch screen tests of some of your favorite actors as a bonus feature on the DVD celebrating the 25th anniversary of "Top Gun."

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SNL – Back to the Future Screen Test Auditions

Several lost screen tests are now available on the new Back to the Future DVD and Blu-ray release.

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Mylo – Destroy Rock & Roll

Mylo - Destroy Rock & Roll

based on samples of "Invocation for Judgement Against and Destruction of Rock Music" by the Church Universal and Triumphant


The Flairs – Better Than Prince

So are you saying you're better than Prince?


Prince Covers Creep at Coachella

Prince does a cool cover of Radiohead's "Creep" at Coachella.


Prince – Batdance


Prince - Batdance

People have been talking a lot of Dark Knight lately. Let's go back to the original. The year, 1989. The song, "Batdance."


Prince Painted My House Purple

Prince - 3121

Boozer Sued Prince Over Home Decorating

So Prince has been renting a mansion from NBA player Carlos Boozer and a few months ago Boozer sued Prince for basically painting the place purple. What's so strange about this story except... everything.

As far as the purple thing goes, it's Prince. Don't you kinda have to expect that going into the deal? The Smoking Gun has the legal details in Extreme Makeover: Prince Edition.