Pulp Fiction

Quentin Tarantino – The Works

The work of Quentin Tarantino has always left an impression on me. Although many think that he delves too deeply into paying homage to his influences, I feel that his films are kinetic, deep and always offer a great time at the cinema. Whether it be his unique style of dialogue or impeccable moments of tension, it's undeniable that Quentin Tarantino is one of the most talented directors working today. With this action packed and bloody installment of 'The Works', my goal was to display exactly what I feel makes Tarantino such a great director.


Pulp Fiction in Amsterdam

Samuel L. Jackson and John Travolta talk about the red light district in Amsterdam and why they want to go there.

Oh man, I'm going.


Everything Is a Remix: Kill Bill

An extrapolation on the "One Last Thing" from Kirby Ferguson's web series Everything Is A Remix


Pulp Muppets

Muppets take Pulp Fiction.


Pulp Disney

Donald Duck collects Marsellus Wallace's briefcase from Mickey Mouse.


Tarantino vs. Coen Brothers

The films of Tarantino and the Coen Brothers mashed up for your viewing pleasure.


Pulp Fiction Audio Mix

Creating music with audio from Pulp Fiction.