Prometheus Viral Clip – David

From Weyland Industries: David 8.


Robot Riding Bicycle

The Biped robot which rides on a bicycle.


Lego Mindstorms CubeStormer II

CubeStormer II solves the Rubik's Cube puzzle faster than the human world record.


Cookie Baking Robot

This work has been supported in part by Willow Garage and an NDSEG fellowship. We are grateful for this support. CSAIL students programmed the PR2 robot (built by Willow Garage) to perform the wide variety of tasks required to bake cookies (Chocolate Afghans, to be exact).

Is this practical?


Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Immortality Trailer

You can achieve immortality simply by doing one great thing.


Japanese Dental Training Robot

Our future robot masters will also have brilliant smiles.


Sarif Industries TV Spot

Sarif is the industry leader in augmentation with a fierce commitment towards providing the most advanced products and developing the most advanced technologies while remaining independent from large corporations that would compromise our ideals.