Steve Jobs

Reality Distortion Field Remains Strong with Steve Jobs After Antennagate

Apple founder Steve Jobs have been busy defending the iPhone 4, which has been mired in problems since before its launch. The latest scandal to crop up, dubbed 'antennagate', is so-named because the phone's antenna gets poor reception if the phone is held the wrong way. Watch Jobs try and convince the world it's not a big deal in this animation.

This Chinese news animation shows that Darth Jobs has grown more evil than Darth Gates.


iPhone 4 – Deleted Scenes

Check out the guys (and girls) who didn't make the cut in the Apple iPhone 4 video.

Starring Adam Scott and Jimmi Simpson.



Clash of the iPad Trailer

Release the iPad!


Will It Blend? – iPad

Sure it will.


iPad – There Goes My Love Commercial

Featuring "There Goes My Love" by The Blue Van.


iPad – Viv Magazine Demo

Together with co-directors Cory Strassburger and Ming Hsiung, we produced a motion magazine cover and feature spread for Viv Mag - an all digital magazine, which would allow us to create content that will be able to live on the iPad and other tablet devices where digital magazines can live.


2010 Grammy Awards – Stephen Colbert’s iPad

Colbert has an iPad and he's cooler than you, me, and Jay-Z.