Steve Zahn

Knights of Badassdom – Comic-Con Trailer

In this comedic fantasy adventure, Joe (Ryan Kwanten) is a heavy metal rocker who's just gone through a painful breakup with his girlfriend, Beth (Margarita Levieva). His concerned roommates (Steve Zahn, Peter Dinklage) kidnap him to their LARP (Live Action Role Playing) gathering, where he enters a realm of fantasy escapism in which pretend knights, elves, and barbarians clash with foam weaponry on a mock battlefield. When Joe's "sorcerer" roommate (Zahn) inadvertently summons a deadly succubus that takes Beth's seductive form, bloody reality crashes down upon their fantasy world. Once LARPers start to turn up dead, the make-believe wizards and warriors must join forces with other adventurers (Summer Glau, Danny Pudi) to become the real life heroes they have been pretending to be and conquer the unleashed evil.


The Great Buck Howard – Teaser Trailer

The Great Buck Howard - John Malkovich

Once upon a time, Buck Howard (John Malkovich) spent his days in the limelight. His mind-boggling feats as a mentalist extraordinaire - not to be confused with those of a mere magician - earned him a marquee act in Vegas and 61 appearances on Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show.

The Great Buck Howard

John Malkovich stars along with Colin Hanks, Emily Blunt, Steve Zahn, and Tom Hanks. Watch for a whole bunch of cameos too.


Strange Wilderness – Trailer

Strange Wilderness - Steve Zahn

Strange Wilderness

Steve Zahn plays a wildlife show host and leads a cast of Adam Sandler regulars plus Justin Long, Jonah Hill, and Ernest Borgnine.

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Rescue Dawn – Trailer

Rescue Dawn

Christian Bale tries to escape from a POW camp with fellow prisoner Steve Zahn in Rescue Dawn.


Bandidas – Trailer



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