Team Fortress

Art of the Instakill

Instant kills span all game genres.


Team Fortress 2 Live Action – Sentry Sabotage

Red team is so cool. I wish I was on red team.


Mac ‘n’ Cheese (Animated Short)

Mac 'n' Cheese is an animated short directed and created by four students at the Utrecht School of Arts in the Netherlands. This roughly two minute animation took about five months to make, and about a bajillion peanut butter sandwiches.

Synopsis: When you find yourself running scared and running out of energy, there's only a few options left to outrun your opponent through the southern desert. Stopping at nothing, watch these two guys wear each other out and rip through boundaries hitherto unbroken. Enjoy the ride!


Team Fortress 2 Ultimate Rage

The nerd rage is truly epic.



Team Fortress 2 – Spy & Pyro

The Spy and Pyro together in a wonderful love story.


Team Fortress 2 – Meet the Spy

Will pornography starring your mother be the second worst thing that happens to you today?


Team Fortress 2 – Meet the Sandvich

He punched out all my blood!