The Simpsons

Breaking Bart (Breaking Bad vs. The Simpsons)

Breaking Bad gets transported to Springfield.


McBain: The Movie (The Simpsons)

Somebody compiled all the McBain clips from The Simpsons into a full (4 minute) movie. Mendozaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!


NFL Best Fans Ever Super Bowl Commercial

America's most beloved TV moments have been totally revamped by the NFL in this epic Super Bowl ad. Can you spot the 180 changes made to your favorite scenes?

Strangely enough, the best commercial from this year's Super Bowl may have come from the NFL itself.


The Simpsons vs. Katy Perry

The Simpsons go live action with puppets and Katy Perry visits.


The Simpsons – Banksy Intro

Featuring the Asian sweatshop and sweatcave where The Simpsons animation and merchandise is produced.


The Simpsons vs. Flight of the Conchords

Flight of the Conchords visits The Simpsons as hipster camp counselors from Sprooklyn.


Nike Write the Future Commercial

The time has come for players to carve their name in history. One touch, tackle or free kick could crush a nation's hopes or cause them to build a statue in your honour. Drogba, Rooney and Ronaldo are ready to Write The Future.

Homer Simpsons meets Cristiano Ronal-d'oh.