MAD – Thunder-LOL-Cats

The new ThunderCats vs. the same old internets courtesy of MAD.


Carl Sagan’s Fictional Cosmos

Carl Sagan and Dan Meth take you on a journey through the cosmos where you'll encounter planets such as Cybertron, Thundera, and Eternia.


Thundercats (2011) – Cartoon Network Trailer

Think you know Thundercats? Think again! Check out this AWESOME first look at the all-new Thundercats, coming soon to Cartoon Network!


ThunderCats Reboot Test Footage

Again, it's better not to question if this is necessary.


Unicorn (80s Cartoon Homage)

As a kid growing up in a time where mutants reigned supreme in the city and lasers accompanied by wailing guitars were standard, I felt that a homage was required. What better way to show your love for such a thing than a polygonal unicorn emerging from the hood of a countach. I paid my dues.

I saw a little M.A.S.K. and SilverHawks in there and then my head exploded.


Thelma & Louise II : Avatars of Pandora

Olivia Munn and Eva Amurri are the new Thelma & Louise and they've gotten a fresh start on the world of Pandora.


Family Guy – Robot Chicken Universe

Brian and Stewie cross into the Robot Chicken universe.